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Welcome to the Sexy Boss Babe podcast, where we talk about beauty and nail trends, body positivity, inner confidence, women empowerment and social good.


  • S3,E7: Jane Elliott Interview

    09/06/2020 Duration: 49min

    Jane Elliott is a long time anti-racist activist. She became famous for a controversial classroom exercise she did in 1968. PBS produced a documentary on her. She’s been interviewed by ABC’s Peter Jennings, Appeared 5 times on Oprah. We talk about inherent racism, systemic racism, indigenous peoples rights, “white privilege” as an incorrect label and much more. This episode is thought provoking and highly controversial.

  • S3,E6: Jeffrey Ten Interview

    08/06/2020 Duration: 40min

    Jeffrey Ten has been part of the execution and scaling of beauty brands including European brand, Note Cosmetics, fragrance brand The Harmonist and many others. He is a highly sought after consultant and strategist working with Mountain View Consumer Products, Swiss company, Bronx Colors and Rude Cosmetics. He was a key person involved in the global expansion of NYX which was acquired by L’Oreal for half a billion dollars. He's a Global Brand Development Expert and Beauty Industry Thought Leader. He was recently quoted in the Forbes article “Inside Kylie Jenner’s Web of Lies & Why She’s No Longer A Billionaire.”

  • S3,E5: Black Lives Matter, Protests, Riots-How Can We Change?

    03/06/2020 Duration: 40min

    The death of George Floyd is addressed, the BLM protests, what systemic racism is, the riots, destruction and other groups exploiting the movement, as well as what we can all do to change and be better.

  • S3,E4: Road Rage Awareness

    27/05/2020 Duration: 31min

    Ladies, keep your eyes open, the pandemic has lots of people on edge, it's important to be safe on the road. I share 2 stories of times I was attacked at red lights and 2 stories of road rage I witnessed recently. A lot of people are on edge, stressed & frustrated these days and drivers are taking it out on people on the road in very violent ways. Please be aware.

  • S3,E3: All Emotions Are Ok

    26/05/2020 Duration: 33min

    This pandemic has been a crazy time for so many of us and emotions have been all over the place! This episode is about addressing those emotions and to remind you that everything you are feeling is totally ok and normal and how to handle them, how to not lose yourself in the process and tips on getting through this time.

  • S3,E2: Interview with CASA CEO, Wende Julien

    12/05/2020 Duration: 37min

    Wende talks about the intimate details of the foster care system, the problems with multiple placements, trauma, family reunification, next of kin placement, the foster care to prison pipeline and more.

  • S3,E1: Suze Orman Interview

    11/05/2020 Duration: 58min

    She’s the #1 personal finance expert, a 2 time Emmy winner, published 10 bestsellers, was featured on Time Magazine’s Top 100 list of most influential people, been a guest on Oprah and Larry King Live

  • S2,E29: Interview with ABC’s “How To Get Away With Murder,” Star; Gloria Garayua

    06/11/2019 Duration: 27min

    This is an interview with a talented and down to earth actress sharing her experiences on hit T.V. shows like “How To Get Away With Murder,” “Grey’s Anatomy” & “ER.” She also gives the inside scoop on what Viola Davis and Sandra Oh are like on set when the cameras turn off!

  • S2,E28: Perfectionism & Overthinking

    05/11/2019 Duration: 32min

    Our pre-occupation with perfectionism and constant over thinking and over analyzing is hindering us from our vision and goals. This episode confronts this issue and shared ways listeners can overcome this challenge.

  • S2,E27: The Importance of Sales, How To Sell & The Sales Cycle

    29/10/2019 Duration: 32min

    So many female business owners dread the thought of sales. They often feel like they have to push people to buy which makes them feel uncomfortable and want to avoid the process. This episode explains that you don’t need to push people and teaches women how to sell and close a deal in a comfortable way.

  • S2,E26: Interview with Best Actress Nominee, Caitlin Grace

    23/10/2019 Duration: 27min

    Caitlin Grace is an intelligent actress, writer and producer who has very special insights into acting and character development. She has a knack for producing and might be an up and coming heavy hitter in Hollywood

  • S2,E25: Strength, How It’s Cultivated & How To Draw From It

    22/10/2019 Duration: 31min

    Mental fortitude is what gets us through life’s challenges and obstacles, that’s what strength is. This episode talks about where strength comes from, how it’s created and how to draw from it. It’s the place where true confidence comes from.

  • S2,E24: Resting & Recharging

    16/10/2019 Duration: 30min

    Unplugging to rest and recharge is very important especially for the busy woman. It’s the way to renew and gain energy and take time to find peace.

  • S2,E23: Being Heart Centered in Business & Career

    15/10/2019 Duration: 33min

    So often business requires us to always be productive and sometimes aggressive in our approach towards achievement and we operate from our masculine energy. Being heart Centered requires tapping into the feminine energy and to our surprise, can be even more impactful.

  • S2,E22: Interview With Teen Sensation Dancer/Singer/Actor, Kennedy Madison

    09/10/2019 Duration: 23min

    Keep an eye out for this up and coming teen star! You’ve seen her in the films “Seize The Moment,” “The Note” and “Teens Wanna Know.” She’s smart, talented and such a great role model for teen girls.

  • S2,E21: How To Deal With Haters

    08/10/2019 Duration: 30min

    This episode addresses social media trolls, negative talk, bullies, criticism and how to deal with it all while you are in your journey to your dreams and goals

  • S2,E20: Leadership

    02/10/2019 Duration: 29min

    This episode covers leadership, natural born leaders, leadership traits and qualities and how to develop yourself as a leader

  • S2,E18: Interview With Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel) Psychic Medium, Patti Negri

    25/09/2019 Duration: 33min

    Join me and Psychic Medium, Patti Negri, as she shares about having ghost friends as a child, the connection between all religions, tapping into the power of manifestation and the inner workings of witch craft.

  • S2,E17: Ikigai, How To Find Your Purpose

    24/09/2019 Duration: 28min

    This episode discusses what ikigai is and how to find yours. I lead listeners to an easy and practical exercise to help you find your ikigai.

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