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A weekly podcast in which host Brian Hendrickson, an obsessive music fan, invites a guest to discuss one of their favorite albums.


  • The Walk (feat. Kristy Jo Holme)

    17/07/2018 Duration: 38min

    This week, Brian sits down with a surprisingly emotional Kristy Jo Holme to discuss 'The Walk,' the 2007 album by pop rock trio, Hanson.

  • 1989 (feat. Lucas Stahl)

    10/07/2018 Duration: 40min

    In this highly anticipated episode, Brian sits down with repeat guest Lucas Stahl to discuss Taylor Swift's pop juggernaut: '1989.'

  • American Idiot (feat. Rachel Perrell)

    03/07/2018 Duration: 46min

    In this weeks highly anticipated episode, Brian is joined by his wife Rachel Perrell (as well as their two cats) to discuss the cultural phenomenon that is Green Day's 'American Idiot.'

  • Nirvana: Unplugged (feat. Dustin Jefferson)

    26/06/2018 Duration: 44min

    This week, Brian is joined by comedian and 90's music lover Dustin Jefferson to discuss 'MTV's Unplugged Live in New York,' the infamous live album and posthumous release from grunge band: Nirvana.

  • Fleet Foxes (feat. Ian Holme)

    19/06/2018 Duration: 37min

    In this weeks episode, podcast regular Ian Holme is back again. This time to discuss the self-titled debut album from Seattle folk band, Fleet Foxes.

  • Endtroducing..... (feat. Brian Wanamaker)

    12/06/2018 Duration: 33min

    A couple of Brians (Hendrickson and Wanamaker) sit down, once again, to discuss 'Endtroducing.....,' the influential, exclusively sampled hip-hop(?) record from California producer DJ Shadow.

  • Northern Lights (feat. Julie Siefker)

    05/06/2018 Duration: 37min

    This week, Brian's friend, podcast co-host, and all around awesome lady Julie Siefker joins him in the studio to discuss hip hop artist Allan Kingdom's debut album, 'Northern Lights.'

  • Trainwreck (feat. Lucas Stahl)

    29/05/2018 Duration: 49min

    This week, Brian is joined by Lucas Stahl (with a special guest appearance from Brian Wanamaker's laugh) to discuss 'Trainwreck': a disturbing and masterful concept album from Canadian emo-core band, Boys Night Out.

  • Weezer's Green Album (feat. Steve Kaptur)

    22/05/2018 Duration: 31min

    This week, Brian discusses disappointment, false hopes and unmet expectations. His guest, Steve Kaptur discusses fun, energetic road trip music. Spoiler alert: they are both talking about the 2001 self-titled album with a green cover by rock band Weezer.

  • Hot Fuss (feat. Caiti Wanamaker)

    15/05/2018 Duration: 31min

    In this weeks episode, Brian and dear friend Caiti Wanamaker (with an assist from some Hendricks Gin and tonics) have an unbelievably fun conversation about 'Hot Fuss', the debut album from Las Vegas rock band, The Killers.

  • White Pony (feat. Ian Holme)

    08/05/2018 Duration: 40min

    This week, Brian and repeat guest Ian Holme engage in a discussion about 'White Pony', the 2000 album by California alt-metal heroes, Deftones.

  • To Pimp a Butterfly (feat. Tory Martinez)

    01/05/2018 Duration: 46min

    In this episode, Brian is once again joined by his friend, and the podcasts unofficial hip hop correspondent, Tory Martinez. Together, they attempt (although they barely scratch the surface) to discuss 'To Pimp a Butterfly', the powerful 2015 recording from Compton rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar.

  • Frizzle Fry (feat. Adam Hornbuckle)

    24/04/2018 Duration: 41min

    This week, Brian welcomes friend and Primus superfan Adam Hornbuckle into the studio to discuss the progressive rock bands debut album, 'Frizzle Fry.' 

  • Morning View (feat. Ian Holme)

    17/04/2018 Duration: 41min

    This week, Brian is joined in the studio by friend and fellow drummer Ian Holme to discuss 'Morning View', the 2001 album from rock band, Incubus.

  • A Snow Capped Romance (feat. Andrew Varilone)

    10/04/2018 Duration: 34min

    Brian sits down with his best friend (and musical soul mate) Andy Varilone to discuss one of their mutual favorite albums: 'A Snow Capped Romance' by Alaskan metal band, 36 Crazyfists.

  • E Von Dahl Killed the Locals (feat. Lucas Stahl)

    03/04/2018 Duration: 26min

    Brian is joined in the studio by repeat guest Lucas Stahl to discuss 'E Von Dahl Killed the Locals', the debut release from punk rock band The Matches.

  • Camp (feat. Tory Martinez)

    27/03/2018 Duration: 35min

    Brian sits down with friend, music lover, and social justice warrior Tory Martinez to discuss Camp, the debut album from Donald Glovers hip-hop alter-ego, Childish Gambino. 

  • Ceremonials (feat. Tory Martinez)

    20/03/2018 Duration: 29min

    Brian sits down with friend and music lover Tory Martinez to discuss 'Ceremonials', the sophomore album from Florence and the Machine.

  • Relationship of Command (feat. Brian Wanamaker)

    12/03/2018 Duration: 40min

    A couple of Brians (host Hendrickson and guest Wanamaker) sit down to discuss one of their favorite albums: the universally praised 'Relationship of Command' from post-hardcore heroes, At the Drive In.

  • Goddamnit! (feat. Lucas Stahl)

    05/03/2018 Duration: 24min

    In My CD Player is a podcast in which host Brian Hendrickson invites a guest to discuss one of their favorite albums. In the first ever episode, Brian is joined in the studio by friend and superfan Lucas Stahl to discuss punk band Alkaline Trio's debut album, 'Goddamnit!'

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