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Podcasts from the Oxford International Centre for Publishing at Oxford Brookes University. Speakers from the Publishing industry in front of an audience of students, lecturers and guests.


  • Bridget Shine and Giles Lewis - Survive the credit crunch?

    30/04/2009 Duration: 01h01min
  • The online Compass journal - Vanessa Lafaye

    27/03/2009 Duration: 30min
  • Evolutionary Forces in 21st-Century Publishing | Alison Jones, Palgrave Macmillan

    26/02/2009 Duration: 35min
  • Richard Orme: Access for All

    19/02/2009 Duration: 36min
  • Antony Harwood: The Business of the Literary Agent

    20/11/2008 Duration: 35min
  • Dr Simone Murray: Remix My Lit

    05/11/2008 Duration: 33min
  • Harry Bingham: ‘Writers Working for Writers’

    26/02/2008 Duration: 01h06min
  • Danielle Fuller, Beyond the Book

    25/11/2007 Duration: 38min
  • Clare Christian, The Friday Project

    02/11/2007 Duration: 20min
  • Angus Phillips interviewed on Radio Oxford

    18/10/2007 Duration: 10min
  • Andrew Franklin from Profile Books

    04/10/2007 Duration: 31min
  • Hannah Bullock from ‘Green Futures Magazine’

    29/03/2007 Duration: 56min
  • Joel Rickett from ‘The Bookseller’

    15/03/2007 Duration: 36min
  • John Mitchinson at the OICPS

    30/11/2006 Duration: 25min
  • Laura Atkins at the OICPS

    19/10/2006 Duration: 45min
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