Tiffany Granath

Tiffany Granath


The Queen is in the house! Tiffany just wants to talk to you!

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  • Fun?
    Duration: 56min | 09/07/2019

    Tiffany's aloe garden is in trouble. Funk to the rescue. AND! New York.

  • Afternoon Advice - Stay or go, what do you do?
    Afternoon Advice - Stay or go, what do you do?
    Duration: 33min | 25/03/2019

    Funk has a dilemma between he and two friends: one a good friend and one estranged, we've all been the third wheel but this is different. Tiffany weighs in on it. Did Funk do the right thing with the decision he made? What would you do? Get ALL the shows at

  • Weekend catch up with The Numbers Lady!
    Weekend catch up with The Numbers Lady!
    Duration: 01h13min | 23/03/2019

    The Numbers Lady Glynis McCants is back with her celebrity numerology update for 2019. We talk about so much.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health
    The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health
    Duration: 17min | 03/02/2019

    Dr Dudley Danoff is back to chat with us about his new book. Get ready for a little sex education! One in 7 men will get prostate cancer, and "the Hef of Urology" if here to tell us what we can do to be healthier as men. Get the book at this link: LOTS more radio shows inside our Fishbowl, catch fresh content from your satellite radio friends. click:

  • Were BACK!!!
    We're BACK!!!
    Duration: 01h09min | 31/10/2018

    The Fishbowl returns from a Summer Break! Foxy Sweetlips is singing, Marie wrote a new book, and Funky has a new girlfriend. Nice to be back!

  • Tiffany  Sweetie
    Tiffany & Sweetie
    Duration: 43min | 04/05/2018

    Tiffany is in the house! hear ALL the shows at

  • Hi lovebugs!
    Hi lovebugs!
    Duration: 53min | 03/02/2018

    Marie's got a bun in the oven, Trump & Stormy Daniels gossip. more at

  • The Holidays
    The Holidays
    Duration: 32min | 24/12/2017

    An update on what we're doing and how to survive the holiday season.

  • Tiffany Granath  Phil Varone discuss the world
    Tiffany Granath & Phil Varone discuss the world
    Duration: 01h04min | 08/12/2017

    Tiffany discusses the tragic loss of August Ames, touring the world in a band, the perks of an AARP membership, and more world events. Special guest

  • Playboy Stories
    Playboy Stories
    Duration: 01h11min | 02/10/2017

    Hugh Hefner passing away brings back old memories and Tiffany explains the difference between porn and Playboy.

  • Tiffany Granaths Solar Eclipse Cleansing Bath
    Tiffany Granath's Solar Eclipse Cleansing Bath
    Duration: 39min | 21/08/2017

    Girls! We need to keep some mystery about us, for the sake of our men. I have tips on cleansing your mind, body and soul- just in time for the eclipse. It's time to build a bridge and get over it, because no matter who we are, there's always some drama. Breathe, Believe and Receive.

  • School is back and Game of Thrones is on
    School is back and Game of Thrones is on
    Duration: 27min | 14/08/2017

    We're back to let you know how teacher Tiffany is dealing with back to school. Lilly has a shoe obsession and Funky is making movies now. Listen!

    Duration: 19min | 13/07/2017

    Say hello to the new addition!

  • Airbnb Scented Candle tips, the NHL Draft, and Jerome Arizona
    Airbnb Scented Candle tips, the NHL Draft, and Jerome Arizona
    Duration: 02h36min | 25/06/2017

    The devil calls in with the weather report, Dave's trip to Tahoe and bad-ass Turo rental cars, Airbnb tips and tricks and bootyparlor candles, the NHL Draft w/ Nordy, game shows and the importance of Coconut Oil. and a LOT more! Get ALL the shows at

  • Fishbowl Follies
    Fishbowl Follies
    Duration: 02h46min | 01/05/2017

    Funk is in Blythe, Tiffany's nipples are showing, Marie's wishing she were cycling, and Dave asks about Tiffany's special relationship with Robert Rodriguez. Also, there's already drama on the RV and Tiffany has a panic attack checking her email. Get ALL the shows at

    Duration: 01h16min | 23/03/2017
    Duration: 43min | 02/12/2016

    Recapping Tiffany's Thanksgiving, down by the river. is that a turkey, or...?!? Dave has a new gig with someone with close ties with the Queen, Funky & Jane and the living sitch, and high school friends return with odd requests. And a LOT more! Get ALL the shows at

  • Tiffany Granath 11/11/16
    Tiffany Granath 11/11/16
    Duration: 02h06min | 11/11/2016

    "It's exhausting being sober all day." @Tiffany_Granath @Marie_Lanza @funkfm @FoxySweetlips @itsDaveHinesGet ALL the shows at

  • now they mute me on skype
    "now they mute me on skype"
    Duration: 20s | 11/11/2016

    Tiffany Granath re: Fishbowl

  • Tiffany on Rosh Hashanah
    Tiffany on Rosh Hashanah
    Duration: 43min | 04/10/2016

    it's a mixed bag this time!

    Duration: 47min | 27/09/2016

    We discuss what Tiffany has been up to in class, Dave is moving! Tips for wingmen and wingwomen, tornado warnings and 1993. and a LOT more! Get it ALL at

  • Tiffany Gives Advice
    Tiffany Gives Advice
    Duration: 43min | 13/09/2016

    Tiffany Dave & Funk back together!

  • Nadkins for Labor Day
    Nadkins for Labor Day
    Duration: 43min | 06/09/2016

    Tiffany Dave & Barry discuss sweaty balls this time, special guest starring Joe Caccamo, Creator of Nadkins. Enjoy the show! Hear it ALL at

  • Aaron Schwartz
    Aaron Schwartz
    Duration: 43min | 09/08/2016

    Aaron Schwartz is in studio today talking about hockey and Hollywood.

  • The Fishbowl!
    The Fishbowl!
    Duration: 02h50min | 04/08/2016

    Dave is welcomed into the Fishbowl and Tiffany shows Dave her jingles, school is back in session and we have anxiety, Funk is eating fake squid, Sweetie orders a meal, Marie can eat everything except "this" and a LOT more! get it ALL at

  • Mistress Vinyl Queen
    Mistress Vinyl Queen
    Duration: 44min | 01/08/2016

    Mistress Vinyl Queen joins Tiffany & Dave. Talking business, breath play, deal breakers, big balls, and stilettos on the face, and "The Spock" and a LOT moreTiffany Granath is on every Monday at 6pm Pacific on America's Talk on iHeartRadio. Link: it ALL inside the Fishbowl at

  • Tiffany Tries
    Tiffany Tries
    Duration: 43min | 26/07/2016

    Dave was on the Red Carpet this week, Tiffany asks "can you date a porn star?" and Foxy Sweetlips pops in. Tiffany wants a new job... at the car wash?

  • Tiffany in studio with Dave
    Tiffany in studio with Dave
    Duration: 52min | 05/07/2016

    Strap in for a big show! Tiffany is in LA and Dave shines a light on Billy Squier, more on the Ryan Seacrest story, taking some fishbowl calls, creepy places and secret underground LA things, the Titty Twister and a LOT more!

  • Time to write a book
    Time to write a book
    Duration: 46min | 28/06/2016

    Funky and Canadian Jane won ten thousand dollars on Idiotest! We talk about big balls, the Vince & Heidi wedding, Marc Cohn, music talk and secrets revealed, Stone Stanley and The Big Deal and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Wing and Ding stories, writing a book, and a LOT more! Get ALL the shows at

  • The Numbers Lady
    The Numbers Lady
    Duration: 01h08min | 21/06/2016

    The Numbers Lady is here in studio taking your calls! Catch her on twitter @TheNumbersLady and get it ALL at

  • What a Weekend
    What a Weekend
    Duration: 43min | 14/06/2016

    Tiffany shares her thoughts on the tragic weekend in Orlando, talking dirty as a distraction, weird props and the 90 day sex diet, a peek inside Dave's love life, Tiffany Nordy had an anniversary, embarrassing sex stories, Ryan Seacrest and a LOT more! get ALL the shows at

  • Chiggers in the City
    Chiggers in the City
    Duration: 43min | 07/06/2016

    Tiffany learns what chiggers are, more Ozark trivia with Dave Hines, Going floatin'... and how gross stealing is. The Radio Game RETURNS! Richard brings in a Batchelorette review, and an epic road trip is planned.

  • Memorial Day
    Memorial Day
    Duration: 43min | 27/05/2016

    Tiffany & Dave on Memorial Day, Tiffany helps Dave through tough romantic times, toilet troubles and pythons, poop humor, accidental farts and financial situations in the dating world. And a LOT more! Get it ALL at

  • Dr. Danoff Day
    Dr. Danoff Day
    Duration: 43min | 09/05/2016

    Get it ALL at Danoff is here to discuss his new book!The euphemisms, the fallacies, the misinformation. It's astounding how much men and women don't know about the penis, the medical and emotional causes of impotence, and how to maximize a man's performance and confidence in the bedroom. If you're ready for frank talk from an expert medical professional who's examined more than 200,000 men and their apparatuses, then the book from Dudley Danoff, MD, The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health, has the answers you need.In a entertaining yet educational manner, Dr. Danoff addresses the issues of erectile dysfunction, male physiology, diseases, the medical and emotional causes of impotence, the “magic blue pills,” the prostate, penis enlargement, and sexual satisfaction. With candor, eloquence, and a comforting family-doctor style, Dr. Danoff demystifies the penis once and for all.Dr. Danoff explains the complexity and mystery of the male anatomy; addresses the fears, fiction, and fantasies of men and women alike; and alleviates the shame, curiosity, and misinformation, replacing them with knowledge, pride, and the self-confidence that comes from knowing that the key to penis power lies 99% between the ears and only 1% between the legs.Amazon link:

  • TGIF!
    Duration: 43min | 15/04/2016

    Dave Hines is our special guest! Tiffany on Hilary & Trump and the election! Funk is going to the nerd fest with a hot girl, hockey in Finland, helicopters and New York trips. Songwriting and Gwen Stefani. The Voice and how to pick up girls, and a LOT more! Get the WHOLE show at

  • Tiffany  Dave
    Tiffany & Dave
    Duration: 43min | 14/03/2016

    Tiffany Granath joins Dave Hines on this special show talking about dating and relationships, the death of Playboy magazine, the mansion, the cops are monitoring the beaches in a whole different way, Night Ranger, crazy naked people, confidence, and a LOT moreHear it ALL at:

    Duration: 01h13min | 12/01/2016

    it's wine time & Butch is snoring, Tiffany is binge watching Netflix and has some recommendations, the Golden Globes, The Bachelor, baby shoes & tofu, a vat of coffee and Needless Markups, the wood tick, Tiffany's favorite online store, David Bowie, Playboy mansion stories, the zombie killer, and a LOT more.Get ALL the shows at

    Duration: 01h05min | 15/11/2015

    we're doing a free Sunday show today! for ALL the content, join the fishbowl!go to JUST WORDSthe weather, Iron man's 40th birthday party, Tiff has some Butch news, it's time to get a tree, carb talk and other "beef", would she ever go back? the "lady hookup", Trump and Tiffany, "that" mom, the bad word, dinner, and a LOT more.

    Duration: 01h03min | 03/10/2015

    Cuda is here with some big news, the jazzed up golf cart, Tiffany is a glamorous camper, the field trip to the science museum, she's becoming a PTA mom, Tiff can't feel her face, coffee enemas, Marie's on the road, bumps tripe lingua and a LOT more. Get it all at

  • LA DAY PART 3 w/ @TheNumbersLady
    LA DAY PART 3 w/ @TheNumbersLady
    Duration: 02h05min | 14/08/2015

    time spent w/ Glenys McCants @TheNumbersLady

    Duration: 42min | 14/08/2015

    Tiffany catches us up on last night in LA - "dogs" in cars, eyelashes, elevators, babies, and a LOT more!

    Duration: 01h03min | 13/08/2015
  • #FishbowlQuestions
    Duration: 56min | 26/07/2015

    it's radio time and Tiffany is in her Phoenix Uniform as we get into a full-on discussion about barbie and mermaids, shopping carts everywhere, a fallen hero moves on, feeding the coyotes are never a good idea, Tiffany loses her virginity and we're all grounded, Cash is becoming a Minecraft expert and about to go to school full time, the mysterious package, and the debut of #FishbowlQuestions

  • The New Cellphone Saturday Show
    The New Cellphone Saturday Show
    Duration: 01h05min | 27/06/2015

    Tiffany has a new cellphone and another surprise; life in the little slice of hell; the Mercury Retrograde is messing up Iron Man's phone; Nordy's starter phone; the antenna stylus; The Dirt's Dirt; Ronnie's pacecar; too much Sake text message; Cash has cavities & parents not allowed; facebook relationships; too busy? not interetsed; you have 24 hours to respond; swinging partners, and answers to your questions! Happy weekend!

  • Advice time! Send in your questions!
    Advice time! Send in your questions!
    Duration: 21min | 14/06/2015

    Twitter squatters, photoshopping beatle fingers, corn nuggets and flats and all things feet, Tiffany celebrated her 10 year wedding anniversary, Scottsdale snobs, under the umbrella at the pool and living in the shade, blurry deserts, K-Fed and the Bro, Hank and Kendra on Marriage Bootcamp, bzzzzt, after dinner sex, Nate's boobs, growing fingernails everywhere, and more! Get the whole show at

  • Thursday Afternooner - the latest!
    Thursday Afternooner - the latest!
    Duration: 14min | 28/05/2015

    Tiffany's birthday, Memorial Day, Tiff has streaks and Hello Kitty ska creepers, and a LOT more! Dive in for the whole show:

  • online dating and recipes
    online dating and recipes
    Duration: 25min | 15/05/2015

    it's the right weather for sex & cooking as the downpour begins at Tiffany & Marie's place; Tiffany hates the name of the delicious fudge tart; we're crazy about our grocery stores; Tiffany went to a farm & met a real life roper; Tiffany's ten year anniversary is coming up; whatever Lilly wants Lilly gets & the Carpenters; Cash has an invisible friend from the war; the online dating marketplace and our stories about using it; how long do we wait until sex; listen to your gut, "those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind." Marie has a 'girl crush'; cooking shows we hate - and love ... and more!Hear it all at

  • In the bedroom
    In the bedroom
    Duration: 13min | 09/05/2015

    Tiffany is taking Cash to see The Avengers; Marie had quite an interesting dream; Tiffany remembers a wet n' wild vegas trip; we catch up with an old pal. Get the whole show at

  • Your E-Mails
    Your E-Mails
    Duration: 23min | 04/05/2015

    Here we are! Nordy decided to go back in time and blast music downstairs right when we're starting radio, we learn what a habub is; Barry breaks down the "oops! i sat in gum!" prank - then we get into our members only chat - we answer a bunch of listener email; Tiffany's favorite lingerie is La Perla; crossdressing advice; what to do when it's time to buy lingerie for your sweetie; Barry mentions; Tiff snaps a pic of her latest lingerie gift; Tiff is becoming a local relationship advisor; the hello kitty vibrator and the case of the missing hello kitty toaster; today is may 4th; Cash is making mods on minecraft; tips on staying out of the friend zone; and lots lots more. Get the whole show: Sour - Through the Glass Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me

  • May Day!
    May Day!
    Duration: 15min | 02/05/2015

    Tiffany Granath joins Marie Lanza and Barry Funkhouser via skype! and Tiff is handsfree because she's got her night time face on. We announce the debut of our new channel and why we're doing it. Marie breaks down how we've expanded the show, and we do our first members-only broadcast!For the whole show, join us over at the Fishbowl!

  • Open Phones!
    Open Phones!
    Duration: 01h01min | 26/04/2015

    Glynis McCants @TheNumbersLady returns for more numerology readings! We're taking calls, running numbers and talking about the future! Schedule a reading by calling 877-686-2373 today!

  • w/ Glynis McCants @TheNumbersLady
    w/ Glynis McCants @TheNumbersLady
    Duration: 47min | 26/04/2015

    Glynis McCants @TheNumbersLady in studio going over numerology! Tiffany's wearing her chef's outfit without the color purple; the news about Bruce Jenner & the numbers; Listener calls and numerology stories.

  • Tiffanys LA Weekend
    Tiffany's LA Weekend
    Duration: 39min | 26/04/2015

    Tiffany's in LA this weekend! We discuss Nordy's texts; Sue the alien; breakfast in the middle of the night; life in phoenix; ace of clubs calls in; we talk about real life; shoe shopping plans; lots of friends call in too!

  • Classic Tiffany Granath / Babywipes
    Classic Tiffany Granath / Babywipes
    Duration: 02min | 24/04/2015

    NEW TIFFANY GRANATH SHOWS coming Friday May 1 2015! Watch for all the details & follow Tiffany @tiffany_granath on twitter!

  • #TGIF
    Duration: 01h29min | 28/03/2015

    Classic Tiffany Granath calls from the old days open the show, then Tiffany joins us from Phoenix and all this talk about heat causes a treacherous computer freeze and reboot; then we hear all about feet, special lotions and daytime tv while Tiff soaks her toes. We get into our new producer's schedule and whether or not Marie ate the placenta... then reality sets in when Tiffany's in-laws come to town. Tiff finds dildos on a pest control plant magazine and we uncover some kind of kinky garden sex when is born. Things get hot and steamy when we plan stuff and we're talking about doing something big in about a month or so. And.... (drum roll...) we get Tiffany on Skype!!!

  • Tiffany Granath  Cash
    Tiffany Granath & Cash
    Duration: 02h44min | 23/02/2014
  • Tiffany Granath LIVE 800-449-8686
    Tiffany Granath LIVE 800-449-8686
    Duration: 59min | 12/02/2014
  • Tiffany Granath 2/10 800-449-8686 part2
    Tiffany Granath 2/10 800-449-8686 part2
    Duration: 31min | 10/02/2014
  • Tiffany Granath 2/10 800-449-8686
    Tiffany Granath 2/10 800-449-8686
    Duration: 30min | 10/02/2014
  • Tiffany Granath Radio 1/15
    Tiffany Granath Radio 1/15
    Duration: 02h45min | 15/01/2014
  • Tiffany Granath Radio 1/13
    Tiffany Granath Radio 1/13
    Duration: 59min | 13/01/2014
  • Tiffany Granath 1/8/14 1-800-449-8686
    Tiffany Granath 1/8/14 1-800-449-8686
    Duration: 59min | 08/01/2014
  • Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686
    Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686
    Duration: 58min | 06/01/2014
  • Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 12/23
    Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 12/23
    Duration: 48min | 23/12/2013
  • Tiffany Granath 12/11 800-449-8686
    Tiffany Granath 12/11 800-449-8686
    Duration: 01h04min | 11/12/2013
  • Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 10/9
    Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 10/9
    Duration: 02h52min | 09/12/2013
  • Tiffany Granath Radio 800-449-8686 12/4
    Tiffany Granath Radio 800-449-8686 12/4
    Duration: 58min | 04/12/2013
  • Tiffany Granath 12/2/13 800-449-8686
    Tiffany Granath 12/2/13 800-449-8686
    Duration: 02h35min | 02/12/2013
  • Tiffany Granath Radio 11/22/13
    Tiffany Granath Radio 11/22/13
    Duration: 02h58min | 23/11/2013
  • Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 11/18/13
    Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 11/18/13
    Duration: 01h27min | 18/11/2013
  • Tiffany Granath Radio 11/15/13
    Tiffany Granath Radio 11/15/13
    Duration: 02h55min | 18/11/2013
  • Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 11/13/13
    Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 11/13/13
    Duration: 02h58min | 13/11/2013
  • Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 11/11/13
    Tiffany Granath 800-449-8686 11/11/13
    Duration: 02h59min | 11/11/2013

    Tiffany welcomes Celebrity Numerologist Glynis McCants@TheNumbersLady

  • Tiffany Granath 11/8/13
    Tiffany Granath 11/8/13
    Duration: 02h54min | 10/11/2013
  • Tiffany Granath 11/6/13
    Tiffany Granath 11/6/13
    Duration: 02h40min | 06/11/2013

    Tiffany and traffic don't mix well, advice calls about a sugar daddy, Ann Marie Rios @MsAnnMarieRios & her new book, Richard checks in with a Dancing with the Stars update, Nooch is back, O.G. Broadcaster Deano calls in to explain Spreaker/iHeartRadio. Follow the show @tiffany_granath

  • Tiffany Granath 11/4/13
    Tiffany Granath 11/4/13
    Duration: 02h57min | 04/11/2013

    Tiff takes on holidays,standing by your man, and guest harmony from bridal bar!!

  • Tiffany Granath 11/1/13
    Tiffany Granath 11/1/13
    Duration: 02h51min | 04/11/2013

    Live from TRadioV

  • Tiffany Granath 10/31/13:
    Tiffany Granath 10/31/13:
    Duration: 59min | 31/10/2013

    Halloween Special simulcast w/ Barry & Marie from The DiRT

  • Tiffany Granath 10/30/13
    Tiffany Granath 10/30/13
    Duration: 02h54min | 30/10/2013

    Inflatable penile implants with guest prosthetic urologist Dr. Robert J Cornell

  • Tiffany Granath 10/28/13
    Tiffany Granath 10/28/13
    Duration: 02h46min | 28/10/2013

    Tiffany dancing at the Ritz! Dirty and Tiff recall the night out!

  • Tiffany Granath 10/25/13
    Tiffany Granath 10/25/13
    Duration: 02h54min | 25/10/2013

    Tiff is joined by guest Belinda Bentley, Sex Psychic

  • Tiffany Granath 10/23/13
    Tiffany Granath 10/23/13
    Duration: 02h38min | 23/10/2013

    Guest @SexScientist with 5 tips to look skinny & other great medical advice

  • Tiffany Granath 10/18/13
    Tiffany Granath 10/18/13
    Duration: 02h54min | 23/10/2013

    Premiere show on TradioV!! Video on

  • Tiffany Granath 10/21/13
    Tiffany Granath 10/21/13
    Duration: 01h29min | 21/10/2013

    New Tiffanyism = "Tweegles" and dealing with families and wills. Yikes!

  • Tiffany Granath 10/10/13
    Tiffany Granath 10/10/13
    Duration: 01h01s | 11/10/2013

    Tiff and Norty take the mics!!! They discuss questions such as sleeping together on the first date and why do guys wake up with boners. They get into several relationship topics including Tiff's cooking. What is real cooking? What makes a meal - are tacos a real meal?

  • Tiffany Granath 10/7/13 hr 2
    Tiffany Granath 10/7/13 hr 2
    Duration: 01h02s | 07/10/2013

    Tiff takes calls and covers subjects like when does an open relationship become not so open … you don’t want to be her bitch? How to make dating sites work for you. Tiff and Dirty reminisce about Tiff’s last day at Playboy – the dirty little secrets. Tiff talks about why she doesn’t believe in school and how she has good instincts about people but doesn’t always listen.

  • Tiffany Granath 10/7/13 hr 1
    Tiffany Granath 10/7/13 hr 1
    Duration: 01h01s | 07/10/2013

    This show covers topics such as what makes an embarrassing mom? What makes you bi-sexual? Good rub & tug techniques. Just because you worked for playboy, does that make you a rock star in the bedroom? What’s politically correct these days?

  • Tiffany Granath 10/4/13 hr 2
    Tiffany Granath 10/4/13 hr 2
    Duration: 01h01s | 04/10/2013

    Tiff & Dirty discuss how nothing surprises them – there is nothing they haven’t heard. Tiffany doesbirthday shoutouts and takes phone calls. What’s okay in social media friendships. When is it okay to swing? When are you really ready to leave a relationship? Tiff ends show by singing valley girl.

  • Tiffany Granath 10/4/13 hr 1
    Tiffany Granath 10/4/13 hr 1
    Duration: 01h01s | 04/10/2013

    Tiff discusses skin tags and fever blisters! Other topics are just take a compliment already, TGIF, sex in the morning, afternoon delight (flashbacks), Tiff’s favorite time of day for sex, aggressive corporate people and how Tiff would drink if she was in that world. What’s acceptable in friendship’s with the opposite sex when in a serious relationship? If you’ve been cheated on, why torture yourself with the details?

  • Tiffany Granath 10/2/13
    Tiffany Granath 10/2/13
    Duration: 01h01s | 02/10/2013

    This is a prime Tiff gross-out show! Tiffany & Norty are Mr & Mrs Leaky who live on Leaky Lane, rather than Loser Lane. Tiffany tells the story of getting her hand glued to the refrigerator. Tiff & the Dirt rant about the government shutdown, how the Dirt was up watching the countdown like it was New Year’s Eve & Tiff is ready for anything with her corn-cob picks. Marie tells of the many ways Tiff embarrasses her in public. Of course, other hot topics were discussed such as the krokodil drug.

  • Tiffany Granath 9/30/13 - hr2
    Tiffany Granath 9/30/13 - hr2
    Duration: 01h02s | 01/10/2013

    Tiffany goes on several rants, including around government bureaucracy. Tiff and the Dirt get into it - the first fight of the season – over their differences in philosophies regarding flirting, retweeting, etc. Also, there are more rants about disrespecting and how we tend to forget how we got with the person in the first place.

  • Tiffany Granath 9/30/13 - hr1
    Tiffany Granath 9/30/13 - hr1
    Duration: 59min | 01/10/2013

    Tiffany talks about the dangers of Facebook and how people can be cryptic to keep their options open. This somehow A.D.D.’s over into describing in gory detail how in vitro works. She also talks about the difference between teaching dance to 3-year olds and being a soccer mom to one!

  • Tiffany Granath 9/27/13
    Tiffany Granath 9/27/13
    Duration: 01h19s | 28/09/2013

    Tiffany's guest is wonderful numerologist Glynis McCants (, @thenumberslady on Twitter). Glynis helps several callers figure out their lives and relationships ... by the numbers!

  • Tiffany Granath 9/25/13
    Tiffany Granath 9/25/13
    Duration: 01h11s | 28/09/2013

    Tiff takes listener calls and rants on what it is like to live and drive in LA!!

  • Tiffany Granath 9/23/13
    Tiffany Granath 9/23/13
    Duration: 01h03s | 28/09/2013

    The Queen is in the house. Joined by celebrities and a rotating panel of sex and relationship experts, Tiffany's over 15 years experience exploring the many sides of her callers' sexuality as the former host of "Night Calls" on both Playboy TV, Sirius and XM Satellite Radio, this fiery redhead has truly earned the crown.Tiffany doesn't rely on her stunning sexy looks for her success. After all, Tiffany's piercing blue eyes and curvy body don't mean a thing on radio. It's her irresistible personality, sharp wit and compassion that's responsible for her loyal and ever growing fan base.She has appeared on the big screen in several movies, such as "From Dusk 'Til Dawn" and "The Game," a television series regular in "Bobcat's Big Ass Show" (Wing of "Wing and Ding") and numerous guest host appearances on E! TV's "Wild On." Fans may also recognize her from co-starring roles on Fox's "Married with Children," HBO's "Breast Men," "Baby Face Nelson," and "The Immortals."Now, Tiffany just wants to you!Tiffany talks about how to go after those natural endorphins in life (adrenaline rushes) to avoid being bored and also what it is like to be an actual soccer mom, in heels, of course!! She also takes some very interesting advice calls!!