Under The Diehard Brand

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Eighteen-year-old Lee Thompson has a chip on his shoulder and a mission in his heart to save his dad, an aging sheriff who’s lost control of his town.
Old Diehard’s lost control of his town, and it seems every outcast and outlaw west of the Mississippi is on the prowl in Wolf River, Montana. Now Lee’s come all the way from Texas to stand up for his father, a man who hasn’t seen him since he was a boy and who doesn’t know him from Adam.
Lee’s plan is a dangerous one–mix in with the desperadoes and risk death at their hand Under the Diehard Brand. But sometimes, the only way to restore the rule of law is to break it.
Also includes the Western adventures, “Hoss Tamer,” in which a circus horse trainer turned bronco buster has to figure a way to tame a gang of outlaws; and “The Ghost Town Gun-Ghost,” the story of an old prospector who seems to have lost his wits; but is he crazy ... or crazy like a fox?
Take the law—and the action—into your hands, as the audio version of Under the Diehard Brand takes you into a town gone wild.
“Rife with action and adventure and laced with melodramatic undertones.” —Library Journal


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