American Heroes: On The Homefront

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Heroes Proved, a moving collection of “straightforward, honest testimonials to the courage American troops display on and off the battlefield” (Kirkus Reviews).

For more than a dozen years, combat-decorated Marine Oliver North and his award-winning documentary team from FOX News Channel’s War Stories traveled to the frontlines of the War on Terror to profile the dedicated men and women who serve our nation. This time, he follows them from the battlefield to the homefront and finds extraordinary inspiration in their triumph over life-altering adversity.

In this new volume of his New York Times bestselling American Heroes series, North describes the courage, commitment, and strength of those who serve—and those who love them. The term “selfless devotion” may be a cliché to many—but not to the men and women on the pages of this book. Their stories resound with bravery, a warrior ethos, and spiritual strength that will encourage us all.

Heroes are people who knowingly place themselves at risk for the benefit of others. Since the terror attack of 9-11-01, more than 2 million young Americans have volunteered to serve in difficult and dangerous places. No military force in history has been asked to do more than those who have served and sacrificed in this long fight. They are American heroes. So too are their loved ones here at home. These are their stories.


  • AmericanHeroes 01 Title

    Duration: 41s
  • AmericanHeroes 02 Introduction

    Duration: 21min
  • AmericanHeroes 03 Ch1

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  • AmericanHeroes 04 Ch2

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  • AmericanHeroes 05 Ch3

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  • AmericanHeroes 06 Ch4

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  • AmericanHeroes 07 Ch5

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  • AmericanHeroes 09 Ch7

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  • AmericanHeroes 10 Ch8

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  • AmericanHeroes 11 Ch9

    Duration: 28min
  • AmericanHeroes 12 Epilogue

    Duration: 07min
  • AmericanHeroes 13 Acknowledgements

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  • AmericanHeroes 14 FreedomAlliance

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