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The T&K Show use a highly sophisticated machine to rate movies - their human abilities are put to the test each episode. Sometimes they talk about human birds.


  • #10: Bigfoot - Lost Coast Tapes

    08/11/2013 Duration: 10min

    Feet. Big ones. But not the foot of big. Meanings of will you findo ut when you ... please never watch this movie. Human Cat. Dead.

  • #9: Sharknado

    04/11/2013 Duration: 18min

    Sharks. Tornados. 90210. Terrence Reid. Tarrel Reid. Someone Reid. = Sharknado! One million sharks, 3 tornados... LA is Doomed! WARNING: The volume on this episode was increased by 1 billion decibels.

  • #8: Sea Beast

    28/10/2013 Duration: 16min

    Beast of the sea versus beast of the land versus man of the land on the sea. This actually has nothing to do with the movie. Just watch or listen. Or don't.

  • #7: Blood Monkey

    19/10/2013 Duration: 13min

    Monkeys spray urine. F*%$ this movie.

  • #6: Black Sheep

    12/10/2013 Duration: 19min

    Sheep vs man, man vs sheep. Man vs man, sheep vs sheep. Dog vs sheep... Does it get any better than this? Yes.

  • #5: Planet Terror

    07/10/2013 Duration: 28min

    T and K find out why the planet is scared. Then they find out why it's so funny that the planet is so scared. Then they do other things after that.

  • #4: Death Proof

    30/09/2013 Duration: 33min

    T and K are of finding the movie Death Proof with Kurt Russelllll.. and other people.

  • #3: Triassic Attack

    20/09/2013 Duration: 20min

    T & K try to up their horrible ratings by watching another horrible movie! Isn't that cool? This time it's Triassic Attack - that cute little dino movie from the future of history.

  • #2: Murdercycle

    13/09/2013 Duration: 16min

    Murdercycle takes on 2 headed shark attack in this thrilling battle of cinema! Who will be the victor? Listen to find out. Or watch the movies and figure it out on your own.

  • #1: 2 Headed Shark Attack

    08/09/2013 Duration: 18min

    T&K discuss that lovable super shark with 2 heads and ponder its peculiar antics.

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