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  • 12/16/12 Opening Hour


    Here is the opening 45 minutes of the show that aired on 12/16/12 featuring the monologues and songs. please click on the 12612 link to play instead of the play button. 12612  

  • Little Steven Van Zandt calls into Anything Anything Podcast


    Little Steven calls into to the anything anything radio program, he discusses his upcoming Rascals shows. Did you know that the first show that Steven saw was the Rascals? and that was Bruce’s first show too? some other E Street tidbits too and much much more this podcast includes all that was broadcast on the […]

  • Mike Ness of Social Distortion Podcast


    Social Distortion is one on the most influential and enduring rock bands of the last 30 years, their 2011 album Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes was my choice of best album of 2011 (see the full list here). For my 4th anniversary on the radio Social Distortion was kind enough to have their show on […]

  • monologue for 8/19/12.. Helen Gurley Brown, Pussy Riot, I Fought the Law….


    helen, pussy riot, monologue welcome to anything anything, I’m rich russo, this is your weekly two hour, ass kicking band breaking, genre busting, multi station eargasmic free form radio extravanganza broadcasting in New jersey, and two sides of the female coin, begin us off, Helen gurley brown, obviously an influence to the women of the […]

  • Monologue from Opening 08/05/12 “Gore Vidal, Psycho Chicken, Everything is Broken”


    On the radio shows sunday, it was the first time that i’ve done the same intro and opening songs across both stations, i felt it was important and worth repeating here too…especially with all of the emails i received about the opening… and more so with Gore Vidal dying and the Chick-Fil-a Drama, i really […]

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