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  • Kanye

    25/12/2020 Duration: 01h05min

    Here it is! As 2020 draws to a close, we've been counting down our top four most downloaded episodes of all time. We've finally arrived at the #1 most downloaded episode of our podcast! He's a rapper, record producer, fashion designer, and songwriter. He's got 21 Grammys. And he's prone to controversial behavior. His latest endeavor? Following Jesus and releasing a Gospel album. What should the church do with Kanye West? Do we welcome him with open arms? Hold him at arm's length? Lift him up as a leader? Guest host Hannah Nitz joins Brian for this timely discussion.  See for privacy information.

  • COVID-19: Logic, Facts, Mythbusting, and Faith

    18/12/2020 Duration: 27min

    As 2020 draws to a close, we'll be counting down our top four most downloaded episodes of all time. This week, we've arrived at #2 on the list. Rumors are swirling. Conspiracy theorists are running rampant. Average Americans are fearful. In the midst of this, followers of Jesus need reliable facts through the lens of faith. In this episode, Brian and Jannelle have a concise and in-depth discussion about the COVID-19 virus with Dr. John Marino. He’s an infectious disease specialist, epidemiologist, and professor. Most importantly, he’s a follower of Jesus. See for privacy information.

  • Three Nuggets

    11/12/2020 Duration: 42min

    As 2020 draws to a close, we'll be counting down our top four most downloaded episodes of all time. This week, we've reached #3. We're all constantly connected. Rarely alone. And yet it's easy to feel an overwhelming sense of isolation. That's where Jannelle found herself recently. And relief came through the wise words of an 80-year-old woman.  See for privacy information.

  • June Twelfth, Not Juneteenth

    04/12/2020 Duration: 01h26min

    As 2020 draws to a close, we'll be counting down our top four most downloaded episodes of all time. This week, we start with #4 on the list. Today is Juneteenth. It’s an important day in American history when the last African American slaves were finally told they’re free. This is particularly impactful as our country is in a cultural moment where we’re finally confronting systemic racism. Brian and Jannelle have been unashamedly discussing these issues from a Biblical perspective with both love and hope. But then June 12th happened. Someone called, and his words altered the course of the entire morning.  See for privacy information.

  • Modern-Day Lepers

    27/11/2020 Duration: 01h04min

    Anonymous was desperate. At the end of her rope. Some days, she just wanted to end it all. Why? She's suffering from a disease many feel is too shameful to discuss in the church. Brian and Jannelle decided to jettison the stigma.  See for privacy information.

  • The Power of a Simple Invitation

    20/11/2020 Duration: 19min

    We make life so complicated. Does it really have to be that difficult to connect with people who don't know Jesus? A ministry leader in Ohio has a powerful reminder about the beauty and simplicity of an invitation.  See for privacy information.

  • The Unseen Epidemic

    13/11/2020 Duration: 36min

    It's not just an American problem. It's spreading across the developed world. A startling number of people are suffering from it, but most aren't willing to admit it. Can Christians help? See for privacy information.

  • CURE International

    06/11/2020 Duration: 34min

    There are children across the globe suffering from curable disabilities. Believing it's due to a curse, their communities ridicule and abuse them. But followers of Jesus are doing something about it. Brian and Jannelle can't wait to tell you all about it.  See for privacy information.

  • Jannelle Voted for Rice Cakes

    04/11/2020 Duration: 04min

    Tired of all the election blathering? Take a listen to Jannelle's new and uncensored approach to civil discourse in 2020.  See for privacy information.

  • Addiction, Recovery, Kayaks, and River Rafts

    30/10/2020 Duration: 22min

    Many believers battle addiction. Few are willing to admit it. Why? Shame keeps us in the shadows. But if we take time to listen, Christians in recovery have a lot to teach us about building authentic community. See for privacy information.

  • The Simple Recipe for a Satisfying Marriage

    23/10/2020 Duration: 41min

    What determines satisfaction in a marriage relationship? A longitudinal study of over 11,000 couples found the answer. In this week's episode, Brian and Jannelle explore the unexpected results.  See for privacy information.

  • Freeing the Captive...Literally

    16/10/2020 Duration: 19min

    Human trafficking is a tragic reality in the modern world. Most of us rarely encounter it. But Brian and Jannelle unwittingly helped someone escape.  See for privacy information.

  • To Vote, or Not to Vote? That is the Question.

    09/10/2020 Duration: 36min

    Are Christians obligated to vote? Brian and Jannelle were daring enough to open the phone lines with that question. Here's what happened.  See for privacy information.

  • BONUS: Anonymous from Holmes County

    02/10/2020 Duration: 24min

    We didn't know it would happen. But we can't wait to share it with you! In this bonus episode, we take you behind the scenes to explain a story about a woman from rural Ohio. She was missing something in her life. And she knew it. Then something profound happened.  See for privacy information.

  • Abortion Priorities

    25/09/2020 Duration: 30min

    When someone disagrees with us, it's usually about something Brian said. But not this time. This particular individual didn't like something Jannelle said about Christian priorities pertaining to abortion. This week's episode looks for the correct answer.  See for privacy information.

  • A Theology of Social Media Engagement

    18/09/2020 Duration: 20min

    With each passing day, behavior on social media gets uglier. Should we abandon it altogether? Rev. Dr. Ron Morrison proposes a way forward.  See for privacy information.

  • We Know What You Did During the Pandemic

    11/09/2020 Duration: 37min

    We know what you did. Or more specifically, we know what you did NOT do during the pandemic. Seriously. I guess you'll have to listen to this episode to find out what we know you weren't doing.  See for privacy information.

  • Post-Quarantine Living

    04/09/2020 Duration: 20min

    What happened to normal? COVID-19 changed the definition of normal, and upended our daily lives. How do those of us who love Jesus re-enter life in an emotionally healthy way? Brian and Jannelle talked to a counselor about it. See for privacy information.

  • The 5 Hardest Things to Say

    28/08/2020 Duration: 42min

    Which of these five words or phrases are hardest for YOU to say? Brian thinks Jannelle is struggling with most of them.  See for privacy information.

  • That Day a Sex Offender Called

    21/08/2020 Duration: 34min

    What do you do if a registered sex offender wants to attend your church? That's not an easy question to answer. And churches aren't as open to the idea as they used to be. Brian and Jannelle heard all about it when a registered sex offender who loves Jesus called their live radio show.  See for privacy information.

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