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Rewired Life Radio. Learn to Love. Heal. Celebrate.Your Host Audrey Michel Every Wednesday at Noon pacific / 3pm easternRewired Life Radio is all about learning to Love Yourself, Heal Your Body Mind, and Celebrate Life. To empower women to heal, by rewiring your emotions. This hit show inspires women to live as their best self by providing discussions on how it is possible to heal the mind, body, and spirit. AND there will always be time during the show to hear from you and take your calls.As a spiritaul growth and radio host, Audrey Michel gets to speak with women all across the country about what they are most scared of, where they are stuck, and how they wish things were different. Through her own experience and emotional expertise, Audrey Michel helps women break the negative emotional patterns holding them back so that they can live aligned with their true self. Live the life you KNOW you are suppose to live TODAY. Join Audrey Michel and her guests, every Wednesday at 12PTLets discover your intuition, your inner wisdom, and what your body has to say. Lets get curious about what is in the way of you discovering your Best Self, and find the tools YOU need to LIVE as your Best Self.Your body is powerful, learn how to put it to work for you."Listening to my body has been my life-line to heal from almost two decades of chronic pain and disease. Soya, Im pretty passionate about honoring my sensitive body. Every sensation, feeling, and passing thought is a communication from my emotional body; everything means something. I want to know what and how to move past it. Dont you?Every moment of every day I choose to listen to my body and honor what it has to say because my health and wellbeing depends on it! And so does yours." Audrey


  • Unlearn and Redefine with Jaime Pallotolo


    Unlearn and Redefine. In this episode we will be talking about the 3rd step in the 6 step process to Love Yourself, Heal Your Body and Mind, and Celebrate Life. The process to Rewire YOUR Life that I teach in my upcoming master class Soul Awakening. Join me and my guest, energy healer, Jaime Pallotolo, as we discuss How to Unlearn Unhelpful Patterns and Redefine Success in Your Life.

  • From Feeling Not Good Enough to TOTALLY Worth It with Michelle Tegola.


    From Feeling Not Good Enough to TOTALLY Worth It. In this second episode and lead up to Audrey Michel's online master class, Soul Awakening, we will be discussing how feeling not good enough is holding you back from Rewiring Your Life. Join Audey and her guest Michelle Tegola Wednesday at 12PT and learn how to shift from feeling not good enough to TOTALLY worth it.

  • Soul Awakening - Rewire YOUR Life with Audrey Michel


    Soul Awakening is all about Rewiring YOUR Life. Join author and spiritual growth coach, Audrey Michel, as she shares how to Rewire Your Life. She will also be giving away a spot in her online Master Class Soul Awakening where she teaches her process to rewired your life.

  • Show Yourself Some Love with Carolyn Colling


    Show Yourself Some Love with Carolyn Colling. What are we missing about unconditional love? Ever wonder what the disconnect is in shifting in and out of showing unconditional love for ourself? How have emotional wallsseparated you from self? Although we think validation, proving, and barriers help protect us from being hurt again...the truth is these actions might doing the opposite. Join me and Carolyn Colling, Mindset Coach and Personal Development Strategist, for the August 2nd episode of Rewired Life Radio on Transformation Talk Radio as we talk about How to Show Yourself Some Love.

  • Eating Empowered with Cynthia Stadd


    Food. This basic human need has become the center for stress for so many. Am I eating too much, too little, the calorie count, how much fat, how much sugar, how many carbs... AH! What if there is more to food than the science behind what you "should" be eating? Join me Wednesday at 12PT along with Empowered Eating coach Cynthia Stadd to learn how to END the war on food for good.

  • Are Neuroplastic Pathways holding you back?


    Tune in to the July 19th episode of Rewired Life Radio as we discuss what Neuroplastic Pathways are, how they affect our wellbeing, emotions, relationships, and LIFE!Learn ways to disrupt these pathways, breaking the short circuit we've created in our brain, in order to realign with your best self.

  • What are Akashic Records? Akashic Records Founder Lisa Barnett


    From Questioning to Knowing. What if you could shift the course of your life by clearing Karmic blocks and soul contracts with ease? Whether youre struggling with your personal relationships, money blocks and financial issues or your business and career path, Akashic Records can help you find the answers and healing you need to finally move forward with certainty. Join me and Akashic Records founder, Lisa Barnett, Wednesday, July 14th at 12PT on Rewired Life Radio.

  • Listen to Your Body; Grow Your Business


    Ever wonder if your emotional wellness is affecting your business?Maybe this "New-Age", "woo-woo" stuff isn't for you... you're a serious business person with a busy schedule! I get it. Actually, I hear it all the time. You're going to want to tune in to this episode of Rewired Life Radio with Business Coach and Content Strategist, Christine Tremoulet. You might be surprised to learn how your thoughts and beliefs could be getting in the way of you achieving your business goals. Tune in Wednesday, July 5th at 12PT to Rewired Life Radio to bust through some of the beliefs holding YOU back.

  • Separation is Dis-ease, Joining is Healing


    Have you ever felt like you've separated from yourself? How did that even happen? And then, what does it take to reconnect with yourself and to show up authentically in your community?Lois Shannon of The Woman's Network joins me this week on Rewired Life Radio as we talk about how Separation leads to dis-ease, and Rejoining is healing.

  • Healing Your Relationship with YOU - with Denise Onofrey


    When life has a different plan than you do...what do you do?? This week on Rewired Life Radio, join me and new author and relationship strategist, Denise Onofrey, as we figure out how to shed the "shoulds", turn down the noise, and harness your gut instinct.

  • Healing the Emotional Body - Releasing the Baggage We Carry with Sahar Paz


    Every cell in our body holds our experiences. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Do you ever wonder how to release what no longer serves you? Myself, along with author and keynote speaker, Sahar Pazirandeh, will bediscussing how to release energy held in our cells, and move past traumatic experiences. Join us Wednesday at 12PT!

  • How Deep Feelers and Thinkers can Manage their Energy, with guest Jessica deCsesznak


    There is a lot of chatter about the emotional body; join the discussion with spiritual mentor and life coach Jessica deCsesznak. Jessica works with women who areDeep Feelers and Thinkers, who are also Leaders in their fields. She will be sharing with us how we can manage ourenergy and how to show up in the world as a leader without getting frustrated or exhausted. Jessica will also be sharing with us more about her Master Class and how she can assist us in showing up as our full selves, authentic and energized, ready to inspire and empower the world.

  • Healing the Emotional Body with Audrey Michel


    Like our physical body, our emotional body can be injured and scarred. Any negative thoughts, stresses or traumas can get stuck in our emotional bodies, and manifest physically. Do you have the tools to heal your emotional body? Author, speaker, spiritual growth coach, and the host of Rewired Life Radio, Audrey Michel, joins Dr. Pat in exploring how you can heal your emotional body.

  • Grounding in the Feminine with Dr. Nadine


    What is feminine energy? What is the difference between feminine and masculine energy? What happens when these two energies are not balanced? Join me and Naturopath Dr. Nadine as we discuss how an imbalance in masculine and feminine energies affect, not only our health, but our effictiveness in the workplace. Dr. Nadine will be sharing her tips, and we will be taking calls to discuss how your workplace tentions could be solved by being balanced in your feminine energy. Get your questions answered by calling 800-930-2819 Meditation Albums offered by Dr. Nadine are: HOME AGAIN: brings you to your CenterPERMISSION: clears out Chakra's 1,2 and 3. It also has a track with the Violet FlameTranquility: expands the SoulCreated Just for You: a 30 minute meditation created just for that person. Coupon codes: 17EMPOWER5 This coupon gives $5 when you purchase all 3 Meditations by Dr Nadine CD's. So HOME AGAIN, PERMISSION and Tranquility. so all three MP3 Albums for $45Gift4Two_30 This is a coupon for the Gift

  • Acting on Intuition with Audrey Michel


    How did your spiritual journey begin? What made you decide to write a book? How do your Soul Awakening Coaching Sessions work?I will be sharing my spiritual journey and answering the questions I get most. Get ready to talk breakdowns, breakthroughs, healing, finding myself, and showing up in the world with vulnerability and honoring inner wisdom.

  • Empowering Women to Heal - Designing Happy with Mandy Straight


    When you look around your house, do you feel inspired by your surroundings? Do thethings in your home support you? Do they light you up? Join me and interior designer Mandy Straight as we discuss how to design your life from the inside out - starting from the outside in. Learn more about how to design your home to support the life you want to live in Mandy's upcoming class "Design Your Happy Place" by going Enter win a spot in Designing Your Happy Place by going to your email and check outthe informative video.

  • Empowering Women to Heal - Using Your Voice with Carrie Socia


    Do you ever feel like no one listens to you? Like you repeat yourself 4,000 times each day? Using YOUR voice is an essential piece to being your BEST self. Join me and my guest Carrie Socia as we discuss how being vulnerable, and using your voice is incredibly empowering and healing. Carrie is a wellness coach and essencial oils educator. Learn more about her work and contact her at

  • Empowering Women to Heal - A movement towards living a High Vibe life with Dr. Pat Baccili


    How has the landscape of the Self-Help world changed over the last decade? Dr. Pat and I will be discussing how there has been a Movement toward living a High Vibe life recently. Dr. Pat has been a long time radio show host on The Dr. Pat Show and interviewed 100s if not 1000s of people in the self-help and transformation world. I am excited to hear her perspective on how our culture is collectively shifting towards maintaining positivity and living a high vibe life. WIN a spot in my online class Soul Awakening by signing up for reminders at for a chance to win a spot in my online class Soul Awakening

  • Rewired Life Radio with Audrey Michel


    Introducing Transformation Talk Radio Network's newest show Rewired Life Radio with Audrey Michel. Join Audrey and Dr. Pat in a discussion about empowering women to heal and learning to love yourself, heal your body and mind, and celebrate life. Rewired Life Radio was created to empower women to heal. To help women listen to their body and inner wisdom. This hit show inspires women to live as their best self by providing discussions on how it is possible to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Learn more about Rewired Life Radio here.

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