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  • Evergreen Acoustic

    Evergreen Acoustic

    12/11/2015 Duration: 03min

    This is an acoustic take of a song I've been playing with lately. It's about having those perfect nights that you wish could go on forever, and what you'd have to give up for that to happen.

  • Oh Cannibal!

    Oh Cannibal!

    10/10/2015 Duration: 03min

    Much like many of the things I've been posting lately, this one has lyrics that I can't record because the fucking cockatoos won't shut up. An unforeseen downside of living in the jungle.

  • 01 Bells In The Courtyard

    01 Bells In The Courtyard

    02/10/2015 Duration: 03min

    Just a remixed field recording from an afternoon in Esparto, CA. Also got some good mic feedback, doors slamming, etc.

  • Wastelands


    26/09/2015 Duration: 03min

    I previously posted a quick piano sketch of this melody as "43". It just struck me that it might sound good as a kinda chill hornish Eastern-sounding jazzy thing so here that is.

  • Thirty seconds of funk

    Thirty seconds of funk

    25/09/2015 Duration: 29s

    Thirty seconds of funk by Dan Warren

  • Doomed


    20/09/2015 Duration: 04min

    Here's a sketch of a new one I'm working on. It actually has some words in progress, but it sounds pretty neat as is. Basically I'm experimenting with things teetering up to and away from the edge of chaos, using static and noise to make instruments and instruments to make noise.

  • East Vancouver Uber Alles

    East Vancouver Uber Alles

    08/09/2015 Duration: 25s

    East Vancouver rise up

  • The Haunting

    The Haunting

    15/08/2015 Duration: 01min

    This is something I just dug up that I don't even remember making. It's just me mucking about with Realivox Blue and some backing strings by Embertone along with the built-in Kontakt libraries. Just a sketch, but I do like the sound of it.

  • I Think Im Gonna Be Sick

    I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick

    28/07/2015 Duration: 01min

    The elephant got loose and I ate too much popcorn and now I think I might barf.

  • 43


    28/07/2015 Duration: 01min

    Just messing around with a scale I ran across in this equal interval system book. Very simple, but I do like the sound of it.

  • Surrender


    24/06/2015 Duration: 04min

    Just a little thingy from my never-quite-finished album Crush The Infamous Thing.

  • Song in progress - Naked And Dismayed

    Song in progress - Naked And Dismayed

    07/06/2015 Duration: 03min

    Here's some music for a song I'm working on this weekend. It's only half-written, but I think it sounds pretty neat.

  • Motivational Speaker

    Motivational Speaker

    03/06/2015 Duration: 04min

    Again just uploading old stuff for the podcast. This is a song from my album Crush The Infamous Thing. The words are all ripped from an album by motivational speaker/guru Glenn Turner, who seems to be a legitimately insane person.

  • Parallel Universes

    Parallel Universes

    31/05/2015 Duration: 03min

    So here's the deal: I've moved my podcast to Soundcloud so that I don't have to host it myself any more. During that process it got de-listed and re-listed on the iTunes store, which means all of the old content is no longer available to new subscribers. That being the case, I'm going to slowly but surely start uploading a bunch of my older stuff here. So here's one from The Scientist, an album I put out in 2008.

  • Survival Machines

    Survival Machines

    23/05/2015 Duration: 04min

    This is a song off of my album The Scientist. It's about a guy who's the only person left awake on a spaceship full of frozen sleepers, starting to get disillusioned with his job. The idea came to me when I was thinking about my SCUBA equipment, and how it was my job to keep it alive just as it was its job to keep me alive.

  • The Hateful Ape

    The Hateful Ape

    29/03/2015 Duration: 01min

    Just a cacophonous wall of dissonant crap with a nice Latin beat. I don't know why.

  • We Were Only Walking In Circles Because We Knew The Way

    We Were Only Walking In Circles Because We Knew The Way

    28/03/2015 Duration: 01min

    Just a little 5/4 orchestra thing for another somethingawful song contest/collab thingy

  • Microtomal


    22/03/2015 Duration: 01min

    Just screwing around with the microtonal editing on an electric piano sample in Bitwig.

  • The Detectives

    The Detectives

    22/03/2015 Duration: 01min

    They're detectives but they're also in love. They laugh a lot, and have friends that own speedboats.

  • Disco Twirl

    Disco Twirl

    06/04/2014 Duration: 02min

    Disco Twirl by Dan Warren

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