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I am a freelance writer documenting interesting people doing interesting projects.


  • Adam Sippola

    21/04/2015 Duration: 03min

    Adam talks about the themes behind his Rising Point project. Check him out at:


    16/04/2015 Duration: 02min

    GIN STREET opens up about the working in Duluth's DIY punk community.

  • Wood Blind

    14/04/2015 Duration: 03min

    Wood Blind delivers Ska to the north woods. Check them out at: Check out "Big Voice" at:

  • Farsights

    09/04/2015 Duration: 03min

    The Farsights take over the stage, one beer and fart joke at a time.

  • Ire Wolves

    07/04/2015 Duration: 03min

    Ire Wolves mixes a healthy blend of melody and metal.

  • Clover Street Cronies

    02/04/2015 Duration: 03min

    Kyle talks about how he escapes the slings and arrows of life with the Clover Street Cronies.

  • Black Diary

    31/03/2015 Duration: 03min

    Black Diary adds three part harmonies with delicate guitar lines. Check them out at:

  • Feeding LeRoy

    26/03/2015 Duration: 03min

    Feeding Leroy travels into the American West with "Desert Air". Check them out at:

  • Superior Siren

    23/03/2015 Duration: 03min

    Laura Sellner opens up about the story behind her song "Leone" and her plans to take Superior Siren into bolder directions. Vist Superior Siren at:

  • Wolf Blood Redux

    25/02/2015 Duration: 02min

    Members Jake and Mike from Wolf Blood discuss how loud, in-your-face, monster trucks best describe the band's approach to music.

  • Deaf Ear Comic Preview 2015

    06/02/2015 Duration: 04min

    Dear Ear's staff and regular costumers talk about the up-coming 2015 releases in the world of comics.

  • Sweat Boys

    12/01/2015 Duration: 04min

    Ben Koch merges '80s retro pop with Cold War themed love songs and jaw dropping live shows. All around great experience.

  • Venus DeMars at a Career Crossroads

    07/09/2014 Duration: 04min

    DeMars opens up about her tour with Against Me! and her current acoustic album. Photo comes from Anthony Ceballos & Skindog Productions. Visit DeMars' website at:

  • Record Stores on Hwy 53 Part Two: Revival Records

    31/07/2014 Duration: 04min

    Owner Billy Siegel opens up about how Revival Records started with liquidating his personal record collection. He mentions how selling his collection allowed the store to become an integral part of Eau Claire's music scene.

  • Record Stores on Hwy 53 Part Three: Deaf Ear Records

    29/07/2014 Duration: 05min

    Manager Tina Melvin explains how Deaf Records became a landmark in La Crosse, WI's downtown. She mentions how records fill a void in a person's life. Fun Fact: Deaf Ear's best selling used record is Fleetwood Mac's Rumours.

  • Record Stores on Hwy 53 Part One: Vinyl Cave

    29/07/2014 Duration: 04min

    Tom Unterberger and Tom Johnson explain how their love for music lead them to opening Vinyl Cave. Located in Superior, WI, Vinyl Cave is a required stop for record collectors in search of classic rock favorites. Fun Fact: Vinyl Cave's best selling records is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

  • Erik Berry of Trampled by Turtles

    23/06/2014 Duration: 04min

    Seth Langreck interviews Trampled by Turtles mandolinist Erik Berry, who discusses the band's new album "Wild Animals," his thoughts behind songwriting and what it's like to play at Bayfront Festival Park.

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