Exame Special Issue - Edição Especial em Inglês

Exame Special Issue - Edição Especial em Inglês


This special edition of EXAME, the leading business magazine in Brazil, features a selection of articles published throughout 2016, one of the most troubled period in recent history of Latin America’s largest economy. President Michel Temer took office after the impeachment of his predecessor, Dilma Rousseff, amid a sharp downturn in Brazil’s economy and a widespread corruption scandal that has implicated dozens of the country’s most influential politicians and business leaders. Now President Temer faces huge challenges to put the country on the right path. With a sluggish economy, a political crisis with no solution in sight and harsh reforms that are not welcomed by the population, 2017 has everything to be the year when, more than ever, Brazilians are likely to show their discontent. Will Temer’s administration succeed in restoring the confidence of citizens and investors and lifting the country from its worst economic recession ever?

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