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  • Stockbridge (MA) Reading from The Maltese Jordans

    30/07/2019 Duration: 26min

    This episode features two chapters from a reading at Stockbridge Coffee & Tea (and Bookstore) on July 11, 2019. I read with my good ole buddy Dan Pope, author of In the Cherry Tree and Housebreaking. Dan's a wonderful author and worth your immediate reading interest. The sections I read are from The Maltese Jordans, which you can buy here or get in full audiobook here.  

  • CrimeWAV - 55 - The Lineup - Poems on Crime

    13/07/2019 Duration: 21min

    The Lineup! Poems on Crime. Thanks to Gerald So

  • Release Reading - Maltese Jordans - Easthampton

    03/05/2019 Duration: 48min

    Here's the full reading event (with Q&A) from my night at White Square Books here in Easthampton, MA on 4/26/19.Had some great questions -- focusing on sneakers mostly -- and I read the part where Mody, tied to a chair, first tells Jack his story of the Maltese Jordans.A good time was had by all! Join us, enjoy, have a listen...You can get the book at

  • Booked. Podcast - Maltese Jordans Interview

    20/03/2019 Duration: 01h13min

    The guys from Booked. -- Robb and Liv -- have me on to see who can swear the most, have more non-sequitors and... drop the call best.Enjoy!

  • March Office Hour - Craft of Fiction and Book Launch

    05/03/2019 Duration: 59min

    Here we started out talking about the new book, my copies, and sending them out!  The Maltese Jordans is here!We also discussed: Research - Fun and OverloadSlowing Down / Getting CloseThe BeehiveAnd... the ultimate trick to writing! You'll definitely want to check this one out.And, missed your chance to grab a copy of the book here on Patreon? You can snap it right up here:  Enjoy!Thanks to Rich, Sandy, Lynn, Nell and Alyce for joining me!

  • Booked. Podcast discusses The Maltese Jordans!

    26/02/2019 Duration: 52min

    Awwwww, yeah! He got the velcro!Check out Robb and Livius's review of my latest Jack Palms book, The Maltese Jordans! It's a fun detective story that dives into the world of sneaker collectors and explores the scoops and scandals of basketball in the mid-nineties. 

  • Quick Greeting - The Maltese Jordans is live!

    12/02/2019 Duration: 03min

    Do you want the Jordans? Are you ready for the Jordans? Well, if you are, take your pick of how you want it:I want to hear the book as a podcast.I want to be in the acknowledgments of the new book.I want a signed copy.I want to do all three.I want to just buy it on Amazon.

  • March 2018 Office Hour

    05/04/2018 Duration: 55min

    In this hour we talk about scene, writer-progress, and much more!

  • March Update - Maltese Jordans

    27/03/2018 Duration: 05min

    Here's the news: On April 1, the past episodes of The Maltese Jordans are going up to the $5 reward level. Now's the time to hop in and download all the eps for just $3 a month AND that'll keep you tuned in for the new content and updates. Enjoy! Also, my next Office Hour is Coming Friday @3PM Eastern. Tune in! 

  • February Office Hour

    24/02/2018 Duration: 53min

    This month's office hour had a specific topic: how to use the Scrivener program to work on long-form projects fiction or non-fiction. I took a few writers through my process in how I use the program for The Maltese Jordans and showed how I would start a new project in Scrivener by migrating content from Microsoft Word. If that's where my work was.Thanks to all who attended and especially to Rich Katz for offering up his work Every Dog as our migration demo.Thanks Rich!

  • Booked Presents: An Evening with Seth Harwood

    06/02/2018 Duration: 01h25min

    The fine folks of the Booked. Podcast were nice enough to have me on for a far-ranging conversation about: GI Joes, Publishing, the urge to write and where it comes from, podcasting history, reading, and much more.  

  • The Maltese Jordans - Ep 01

    19/01/2018 Duration: 28min

    The Maltese Jordans starts HERE!with JACK PALMS!

  • Seth Harwood - "To the Bone"

    15/11/2017 Duration: 38min

    Here's my 2013 story “To the Bone” for your ears.This audio first appeared on CrimeWAV with guest host Mark L. Berry–my boy! Thanks, Mark!“To the Bone” was first published in The Booked. Anthology back in 2013. Thanks much to the Booked. Podcast guys, who’re also on Patreon here.

  • The Maltese Jordans - Chapter 1

    03/10/2017 Duration: 12min

    This is chapter one of THE MALTESE JORDANS. If you'd like to hear all of episode 1 (Ch. 1-3), follow this link to Patreon and enjoy:  

  • Fascination Street Podcast - Seth Harwood Interview

    05/09/2017 Duration: 01h04min

    Steve Dave and Alex Hernandez host to talk about my recent connection with the real residents of the Young Junius towersthe genesis and depth of my recent obsession with Jordans --Revealed!a proper consideration of Patreon post pace and contentand much, much more!

  • Denis Johnson Craft Lecture 1999

    20/06/2017 Duration: 44min

    What follows is a craft lecture delivered by Denis Johnson at the 1999 Yellow Bay Writers' Workshop in Montana. This has been converted from a tape casette so pardon the audio quality.The "craft" part begins around 16:00.Enjoy.

  • Just released: Maltese Jordans Episode 1

    08/05/2017 Duration: 02min

    The Maltese Jordans podcast has started! You can subscribe to listen at


    03/05/2017 Duration: 01min

    Audio trailer by Mark Yoshimoto NemcoffMore info here: 

  • Q&A April 26 2017 - Intro to the Maltese Jordans

    28/04/2017 Duration: 56min

    Here's the audio replay of the Q&A from Patreon/Kickstarter/Intro/ZoomContent: 

  • JWU-Throwback-04

    06/04/2017 Duration: 30min

    Remastered, complete with NEW TALKING, here you get Ch. 8-10 of Jack Wakes Up, the book that started it all!Listen for all the goods and news.Find out more over at

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