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Educational and interesting conversations with others in the bike industry. We cover fitness, fit, trends, how-to's and look at cycling from a woman's perspective.


  • Improve your Pedaling Technique


    Ian Jackson of Breathplay is back again, this time with the Coup de Torchon, a pedaling technique you can use to become a better rider. Enjoy the podcast, and find out more at http://bit.ly/S2xIa or at breathplay.com

  • This Woman Builds Bike Frames!


    Natalie Ramsland, of Sweetpea Bicycles, has been building bike frames for women since 2005. She's a rare breed and has a great story to tell.

  • Learning from the Rest Day at the Tour


    Kym Fasczewski talks about a rest day in the Tour de France and how recreational cyclists can apply similar techniques to fine tune their own riding.

  • Yoga and Cycling


    How yoga can help you balance your mind, strength and breathing to become a more proficient cyclist.

  • Jacquie Phelan Interviews Georgena


    In a wonderful twist of fate, I turn the microphone over to Jacquie Phelan and she interviews me. She thinks I have an interesting story. Thanks for the opportunity to be myself!

  • Small Things Considered


    Kerry Litka, our 4'11" Terry Team rider talks about her experience trying to find a bike that fits and how she's become a successful competitor.

  • Is Cyclocross For You?


    Cyclocross! Here's a sport that appeals to a lot of women. It's perfect for a great workout in a short period of time.

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