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  • APG 198 – Qatar 778 Preliminary Report

    APG 198 – Qatar 778 Preliminary Report

    11/12/2015 Duration: 02h31min

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia NEWS Actor Morgan Freeman in plane scare Wild boars on runway send SpiceJet plane off it 'Six-month delay' for Heathrow decision Qatar 778 Preliminary Report FEEDBACK Incredible Video - Jeff Dangel Boeing says to roll out first 737 MAX in early December - Nick Acosta JetPack flown in New York around the Statue of Liberty - Big Ron Project Update #18: Restoration of the B-29 Superfortress at Nuclear Museum by National Museum of Nuclear Science - Larry Gregory Swedish Andreas - Cerebral Palsy Carl - Iraqi Airways to Fly Direct to DC Larry Gregory - Aviation Acronyms Stubbed Flight - First Officer Brad Airline Pilot Chatter Nick Acosta - Etihad A380 Tour at the Dubai Airshow Brett Seymour - More Agony? Janet hiring FOs - Mike Dell Carl - Cirrus Pricing Scott Richardson - Crazy flight attendant Mike Dell - USCG MH-65 hit by laser Nevil Bounds - APU Unserviceable? Bryan Lewis - Career Advice Pasadena Brian - Landing on ice Mike Dell - Female Pilot with Blue Angels, Joke Hold EFC Time

  • APG 197 – Automation Dependency Strikes Again

    APG 197 – Automation Dependency Strikes Again

    06/12/2015 Duration: 02h32min

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia Miami Rick's Appearance on Airplane Geeks Podcast NEWS Chinese ATC to Adopt English-only Policy Fiji Sevens rugby team’s ultimate show of selflessness American pilot arrested after 'police found 22lbs of cocaine in his bag' at airport in Peru Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 - Final Report Automation Dependency FEEDBACK Safe Taxi Speed? - Nicolas Jackson Andrew - Boeing Everett Factory and the Museum of Flight Heavy Maintenance Practices article - Ken Tyler Herrick - Seatbelts Albert - Qantas 737 jet in tailstrike at Sydney Airport after wrong data tapped into iPad Daniel Sinico - Roger! Anthony Tibbs - Unplugging / APG194 Mike - One Man Fire Station Luke From Australia! First Feedback Scott Shields - Pilots and Taxes Robert - Supersonic Private Jet David Verch - Frisbee Fairing Dispatch Gregg - New book…”Texting in the Cockpit" Danish - I met Astronaut Chris Hadfield!!! David Shore - Aircraft Lavs Tom Seagraves - Audio Omega Tau Podcast - 172 – Chasing Bears with the Phantom Ai

  • APG 196 – The Rickipedia

    APG 196 – The Rickipedia

    27/11/2015 Duration: 02h47min

    Photo Credit: Evan Schoo Get your Acme Airlines t-shirts here: Teespring NEWS Ghostrider gunship scrapped after inverted flight scare A Pilot's career in the balance after MILITARY STRENGTH LASER attack on plane at Heathrow Aviatraffic B733 at Osh on Nov 22nd 2015, hard landing collapses all gear American Airlines officials allow passengers on a flight from Mexico to skip customs and leave JFK airport… days after ISIS threaten to attack New York FEEDBACK Airbus Official Urges Major Changes to Recurrent Training - Charath Ram Ranganathan Kevin - Tesla Autopilot Air Traffic Control Chatter... - Tim VanRaam Feedback - Yunus EROL Automation Survey - Aysen Nick Carson - Most Memorable Flight?, How long does it take?, Feedback (Before Thanksgiving??) Mechanic Bob - Centrifugal Compressors, Ignitors Mayday the Passenger Who Landed a Plane - Miklos Justin - Funny photo & question about Balanced Field Mike - How to Land a Helicopter After Your Pilot Has Been Killed Charath - APG 193 Feedback Brittany - New

  • APG 195 – Mustaches in Movember

    APG 195 – Mustaches in Movember

    21/11/2015 Duration: 02h53min

    Get your Acme Airlines t-shirts here: Teespring NEWS Failed Windows 3.1 system blamed for shutting down Paris airport Allegiant Pilot Says He was Wrongly Fired Over Evacuation Seattle's Ferris wheel hit by drone FAA: Think Twice about "Drone Registration" Firms Support For Pilots With Mental Health Problems More Helpful In Reducing Suicide Risks Than Two In Cockpit Requirement: Experts Pilot of passenger plane that crash-landed in Pakistan was intoxicated and over-tired, investigation reveals Monarch Paints Mustaches On Aircraft For Movember International flight emergency lands in Billings, residents pitch in to feed passengers China's jet shows wrong way take off It's going to be okay. - The Oatmeal FEEDBACK Travis from Australia - 737 Landing Gear Stuart Thomson - Question on Oceanic Clearance Delivery / ACARS Utah Brad - General Aviation aircraft engines Jim Popowich - L1011 Tristar Air Intake Jules from Down Under - Starlifter Incident Ahmad - Update on my work (airplane design); Feedback on

  • APG 194 – Mmmm… Hot Pockets!

    APG 194 – Mmmm… Hot Pockets!

    14/11/2015 Duration: 02h48min

    Photo Credit: Tony Branston (via Flickr) CC-SA-2.0 NEWS ASN Aircraft accident British Aerospace BAe-125-700A N237WR Akron-Fulton International Airport, OH (AKR) Expressjet CRJ2 near Huntsville on Nov 11th 2015, fuel leak FEEDBACK Mechanic Bob - Adjusting Fuel Mixture in Turbine Nevil Bounds - Concorde Sim Ride Omega Tau Podcast Episode 166 – Flying the Concorde Big Ron - Holding Captain Al - Airbus FD Mode Reversion Captain Al - Farnborough v2.0 Anthony - Long Haul/Short Haul, FD Mode Reversion Anthony - Seat Belt Light Discussion Mattyfab - Holding/Diverting Micah - APG & an MRI Hillel - Odd policy on 777 Paul - No Checklist for Situation, Callsigns JR Paguia’s Alter Ego - Audio feedback... Nick Acosta - Atlas Air Ground Ops Video Nick Acosta/David Verch - Updates on the 1st 727's Last Flight + Interior Photo Tour John Schaap - Thought you might want to talk about turbulence. What causes turbulence, and is it dangerous? Tim Van Raam - Jeopardy Airport Questions Daniel Sinico - Dambuster Pilot Meets Mascot

  • APG 193 – Flatulence is the Word

    APG 193 – Flatulence is the Word

    06/11/2015 Duration: 02h50min

    "Lleyn sheep" by User:Jackhynes - Own work. Cropped and tuned in Picasa. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. NEWS Metrojet A321 over Sinai on Oct 31st 2015, disappeared from radar in climb over Sinai Dynamic B762 at Fort Lauderdale on Oct 29th 2015, fuel leak results in engine fire Shaheen B734 at Lahore on Nov 3rd 2015, runway excursion, both main gear collapsed Royal Brunei B788 near Manila on Oct 21st 2015, engine shut down in flight, both engines damaged Update: Lufthansa E195 at Warsaw on Jul 20th 2015, near collision with drone Laser pointed at American Airlines flight in San Diego, pilot hospitalized Drone crash causes Hollywood electricity blackout FEEDBACK Lucas - Grooved Runway Braking Action Lucas's Plane Spotting Website Pasadena Brian - New MH370 Info Swedish Jim - Some minor questions Micah - You Asked For It, You Got It Capt. Nick - PA Games Barton from Lexington - Fight Director Frik, Nick - Disabled passenger forced to crawl off United flight Zach Walker - Aviation D

  • APG 192 – 737 Gear Problems, Russian Hackers, Extreme STOL

    APG 192 – 737 Gear Problems, Russian Hackers, Extreme STOL

    30/10/2015 Duration: 02h37min

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia NEWS Accident: Peruvian B733 at Cuzco on Oct 23rd 2015, right main gear collapse on landing Accident: Comair B734 at Johannesburg on Oct 26th 2015, left main gear collapse on landing Incident: Malindo B738 enroute on Oct 24th 2015, e-cigarette inadvertently activated NEWS Russia 'tried to hack #MH17 inquiry system' Airport employee busted for taking selfie on plane wing LINKS FEEDBACK Bhavesh - Chris Marsh - Google Search Robert Zwerdling - Tom Hanks is Capt. Sully David - Follow the Greens Big Ron - Naughty Flight Attendant Marianna - Death of American Airlines Pilot David - Pilot Dies Mid-Flight, Stupid Statements regarding "planes flying themselves" CaptT - APG 7500 James K(D)eane - Wake Turbulence in Tiger Swedish Jim - Did you do this in the military? Brad - Torque Settings, Centrifugal/Axial Flow Turbines, Igniters Sonex Xenos Jim Howard - It's great to see Delta really honoring our vets! Steve M - Flight Sim Recommendation Chris -

  • APG 191.5 – Feedback Extra

    APG 191.5 – Feedback Extra

    26/10/2015 Duration: 02h31min

    Just another "Feedback Extra" show to try to catch up on the huge pile of feedback! FEEDBACK Derek - Eastern 401 John - Fuel/Air Mixture, FAA Advisory Circular on Model Aircraft Operations Chris Cheatwood - Aircraft Transition Training ymoeller - Long Flight Advice? Will from Austin - Emergency Evacuations with Luggage Montana Craig - mountainous vfr departure Scott in London - Gulfstream Crash in MA Arich - Video? Ken - Thermals and Aim Points David - Airline Clothing and Escalators Scott Richardson - World's first remote-control air traffic control tower is up and running Ivor - Main Line vs Regionals Paul - Engine Build Expert Ralph - Question About Finding Holes in Storm Clouds Nick Acosta - Atlas Air Corporate Fact Sheet Nige - Takeoff with Tailwind Mathew Fabricius - Engine Difference Training Carl - Feedback on episode 186 RC-135 story Shane - Feedback from Seattle Don - Final update Citation 560XL Door SFO [REAL ATC] "Our door FLEW OFF the aircraft!!!" @SFO Model 560 XL, XLS, XLS Plus Cabin Door Pr

  • APG 191 – Don’t Smoke the Ganja, Mon

    APG 191 – Don’t Smoke the Ganja, Mon

    23/10/2015 Duration: 03h04min

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia NEWS Reclined Seat Rage Allegedly Leads To Mid-Air Choking on Southwest Flight Man Dies On Flight After Biting Passenger UAL Acting Chief Exec - Oscar Munoz suffered heart attack last week U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Announces Unmanned Aircraft Registration Requirement US Airways' final flight closes curtain on another major airline LINKS FEEDBACK Adam Asmar - This just proves that a lot of PAPERWORK is required when dealing with the FAA Geoff Gallaway - EGPWS SOUND Not Current Kevin - B-777 out of Manila Folders Steve Ward - What NOT to Do as an AirCrew Member! Jonathan - Marijuana Laws Micah - KUOW (Seattle Public Radio) Piece about the B17 & Boeing Anne Rienks - How to tackle the most embarrassing problem on planes Ross in England - MD-90 incident - FMS missing Dulles Mitch - Love your podcast APG Syndrome Wes - Coast Guard Video David - Mad Dog Retirement: What will you do? Scott Richardson - Powered parachute videos Eric - Froggie Feedback Counter-UAV Syste

  • APG 190 – A Jolly Good Show

    APG 190 – A Jolly Good Show

    17/10/2015 Duration: 03h11min

    Photo Credit: YouTube NEWS Engine Cowling Opens During Takeoff In Passenger Video Onboard Sky Airline Flight 112 Accident: Mahan B743 at Tehran on Oct 15th 2015, uncontained engine failure Singapore A333 at Singapore on Oct 11th 2015, aircraft "kneeling" at the gate Malaysia Airlines MH17 Report Reveals Shocking Details About Final Moments Dutch Safety Board Video EASA issues missile advisory to airlines Plane that crashed into Lake Worth mobile home departed from Orlando, NTSB says Delta Connection plane forced to abort take off when car spotted on runway Birmingham-bound Monarch flight intercepted by fighter jet VIDEO Woman gives birth at 9,000m on long-haul China Airlines flight! LINKS FEEDBACK agentmeade - Taxiways Patrick - Question about transferability of skills between types James Keane - Small aircraft flying themselves again... Alex Lehman - Suggestions for Atlanta airport and non-precision approaches Tim Van Raam - Let's see Fred Sansome try this with his drone Ian - What is the most

  • APG 189 – Christmas and Drones, Captain Dies On Flight, Man in Suitcase

    APG 189 – Christmas and Drones, Captain Dies On Flight, Man in Suitcase

    10/10/2015 Duration: 02h59min

    Photo Credit: YouTube NEWS FAA Nightmare: A Million Christmas Drones Pilot Reports Of UAV Sightings Up Dramatically NAV Canada CEO: ‘Jail time’ needed for reckless UAV operators An open and shut case! Man is caught trying to smuggle himself out of Peru in a suitcase AA Flight 550 Diverts, Pilot passes away InFlight LINKS AirplaneGeeks 371 Kevin Michaels FEEDBACK Andrew - Pilot Shortage Don's Low-Cost ATP Plan Sean - Mryia Mike Dell - "Low Flight" - By an F-4 driver Jeff - Skyfaring (book) My APG Amazon Link Ross - BA 747 refurb - from Ross in England Swedish Matt - 747 and Seniority Stuart Aslett - 360° cockpit view | SWISS Airbus A320 | Geneva – Zurich Nick - Where and how can I set up the ILS frequency on the main pedestal? Rebecca - pilot w/out arms Nevil Bounds - Seatbelt Light, Immigration at RDU Glenn - Supersonic B-777? Charath - Mnemonics, Flight Sims, Automation Jacob - NMUSAF Swedish Andreas - NMUSAF NMUSAF Lecture Series Podcast Nick Anderson - A Little Light Chop FO Jeff - Pissed “ON," no

  • APG 188 – Whirring Propeller of Death

    APG 188 – Whirring Propeller of Death

    04/10/2015 Duration: 02h43min

    NEWS Spider on a Plane Pilots Bill of Rights changes Trigana AT42 Update Aviastar DHC6 near Makassar on Oct 2nd 2015, aircraft missing Luxair DH8D at Saarbruecken on Sep 30th 2015, smoke in cabin, landing on belly New Flight Deck Apps Help Pilots Avoid Turbulence FEEDBACK Big Data Ken - Airplane grounded after popped champagne cork damages ceiling Stuart - Video-Timelapse as Severe Weather Shuts Down Major Airport (ATL) David - uPilot Flight Simulation Trae Lefan - Polk State Flight Team Gregory Dubin - Southwest flight headed for Denver didn't announce diversion to Colorado Springs Stuart - Flying to the Ends of the Earth | Monday 8pm | Channel 4 Tim Van Raam - Just about right Nick Acosta - Evergreen's Defunct 747 Supertanker Is Rising From The Ashes Frik - Those darn ACME pilots Barton - DC-3s, Infinite Flight app Pip - Hectopaschal/millibars Justin - Jai Alai IPA Ross in England - Rain affecting engine performance? Rebecca - Any Flight Attendants on APG? Alex - A-37B DragonFly, Spam Can Old.Pilot

  • APG 187 – Flight Diverts to Save Dog, B-777 Hits Approach Lights at MIA

    APG 187 – Flight Diverts to Save Dog, B-777 Hits Approach Lights at MIA

    28/09/2015 Duration: 02h31min

    NEWS Air Canada pilot diverts Toronto-bound flight to save dog’s life Qatar B773 at Miami on Sep 15th 2015, struck approach lights on departure If You’re From One of These Five States, You’ll Likely Need a Passport for a Domestic Flight Pope Francis flies American Airlines during visit to USA One small airplane landed on Red Hill Avenue, Irvine this evening LINKS Support The Aviation Herald! The Aviation Herald iPhone/iPad app Follow @airlinepilotguy @miami_rick @plumdiggity #apgasheville FEEDBACK Ray - L-1011 Video Josh Chambless - Excitement in Nashville Tim Van Raam - Louis CK Flying Maxwell - VIDEO - CHARGES LAID FOLLOWING LASER STRIKE ON AIR2 Stuart Aslett - Flights Resume At Dublin Airport After Fire Lee in New Jersey - Major milestone in US commercial aviation coming soon Marianna - when is a crash a crash? Robert Zwerdling - TriFan 600 VTOL Glen - Gabbing on the Freq Chattanooga Tim - Geico Skytypers in Rome GA Tim Van Raam - Exit Row Seating Andrew - Language and Avi

  • APG 186 – Wrong Airliner, Door Falls Off Cessna Jet, Drone at US Open

    APG 186 – Wrong Airliner, Door Falls Off Cessna Jet, Drone at US Open

    17/09/2015 Duration: 02h25min

    NEWS Oops: American Accidentally Flies Wrong Plane To Hawaii [REAL ATC] "Our door FLEW OFF the aircraft!!!" @SFO N509UP on FlightAware NTSB Final Report: Runway Overrun During Rejected Takeoff Teacher Arrested for Flying a Drone at U.S. Open Police Remove Unruly Woman, Pet From United Express Flight 2 dead in a plane crash on the set of Tom Cruise film, 'Mena' LINKS Support The Aviation Herald! The Aviation Herald iPhone/iPad app APG Meet-Up in Asheville September 19! Follow @airlinepilotguy @miami_rick @plumdiggity #apgasheville FEEDBACK Isaac - Fisherman goes after Drone Frik - Super Scooper Firefighting Plane John from Portland - Photographer Doused in Flame Retardant Charlotte Phil - Holding short RWY 20 in the Warrior B.C. - Aviation Career Advice Robert Zwerdling - Eurocontrol Weather Forum David Verch - MD-80 Video Mark Ross - Loose nut costs Air Force $62.4 million in accident Larry - NMUSAF Dayton Jacob - Book Suggestions Say Again, Please by Bob Gardner Cockpit Confidential by Patrick Smit

  • APG 185 – Confidence without Arrogance

    APG 185 – Confidence without Arrogance

    11/09/2015 Duration: 03h14min

    NEWS Airline fears of pilot shortage spark Congress fight over required training United Airlines CEO steps down after Port Authority probe British Airways B772 at Las Vegas on Sep 8th 2015, rejected takeoff due to engine fire LINKS TIME SENSITIVE Aer Lingus Cadetship FEEDBACK Don the PreBuyGuy - Audio Feedback Dan - Small world The Oaks Airfield Matt Maranto - Chicago O’Hare International Airport has gone Green.... Pasadena Brian - APU air starter issues Lewis - Career Advice Warrant Officer Private Pilot Kevin - Oshkosh Controllers Jarad - Good Captain and Leadership Skills Mark - Airbus’ long-range jet puts 19-hour non-stop flight back on the radar Mark - Passenger forced to sit next to pool of vomit on Ryanair flight Isaac - Great visual of a microburst Steve - Light twin emergency landing Mark - Woman with no flight experience crash lands plane with help from controller Controller Zach - Airport Authority Brett Seymour - Boeing 777x Mark Van Raam - Pilot hour built up Jenny Parkinson - Potatable M

  • APG 184 – Airshow Crashes, Drone Strike, Monkey Poop

    APG 184 – Airshow Crashes, Drone Strike, Monkey Poop

    04/09/2015 Duration: 02h15min

    News in this episode: Plane crashes at New York Air Show Airshow practice - crash - Friday 28 Aug Plane crashes at Austrian air show Flugshow Hirt 2015 About That Airplane Part That Was Supposed to Solve the MH370 Mystery ... And the world's busiest airport is ... FAA starts testing its drone safety app ADS-B, TCAS 'Unreliable' In Southeast In September Bonanza Air Taxi Crash, Long Island LINKS ACME T-shirts Campaign ends September 6! FEEDBACK Mark Van Raam - NASA Langley crashes a plane for science Mike Dell - Learn to Fly - 1000 rockers HP from Norway - Punk IPA Swedish Jim - 737 lands att Arlanda, top quality audio - in Stereo! Swedish Jim - Audio feedback and new information regarding Nextjet - axe-flight - from Stockholm to Örnsköldsvik Big Ron - Pilot plays Top Gun music during take-off J.R. Paguia - Weird Dream Martin from Sweden - Project using MD-80s as fire fighting planes Martin's Flickr Page Devin - Solo Experience Josh - The First Boeing 727's Last Flight Grant - 727 Flying Again i

  • APG 183 – Mad Dog Control Problem, Airbus Autothrust, Cellphone Fires

    APG 183 – Mad Dog Control Problem, Airbus Autothrust, Cellphone Fires

    29/08/2015 Duration: 02h45min

    News in this episode: Swedish pilot uses axe to open locked toilet door Ex-Air Force pilot in dogfight to save historic Boeing from scrapyard Cellphone Fire Aboard British Airways Flight What Do Spy Plane Pilots Eat? Iron Maiden Unveil New Jumbo Jet, ‘Ed Force One,’ and Preliminary World Tour Plans Man slashed with ladies' razor, suspect pepper sprayed by passenger while exiting flight at JFK Airport Allegiant MD83 at Las Vegas on Aug 17th 2015, rejected takeoff due to premature rotation LINKS ACME T-shirts Campaign ends September 6! FEEDBACK Ivor McDonald - Flying Song Dan - Audio/video feedback - from the cockpit, enroute to Oshkosh Eirik from Norway - Interesting Question? So... Kenny - Audio Feedback Private Pilot Rich - Airplane Nicknames Barton Hammond - Burn Fuel Before Takeoff, Go-Around Pilot Pat - Air France 447 Reconstruction Video Ken - Kayak Fishing Podcast Devin - Coefficient of Friction for TOLD, Acronyms, Books for Tom Peter - Tristar autopilot Heath Gleason - EAS Flying Stuart -

  • APG 182 – Pranked!

    APG 182 – Pranked!

    23/08/2015 Duration: 02h48min

    News in this episode: Brussels Airlines A-320 Near Miss with Drone NTSB Probable Cause Report on Harrison Ford's Crash Plane with 54 on board crashes in remote Indonesian region Alitalia Airbus A319 flight severely damaged during hail storm American A321 at Charlotte on Aug 15th 2015, hit runway lights on go around after hard landing LINKS ACME T-shirts FEEDBACK Isaac - Recommended reading list? Dispatch Gregg - Flight Simulator feedback/question Daniel Sinico - 30 years of Lockheed 1011 Delta 191 accident American Airlines 191 Dean - What happens if you become ill while flying? Conor - What It’s Really Like to Be an Airline Pilot Steve - AF museum James - One step towards the goal Bhavesh - Brake Cooling Craig Pyzik - Greenhorn CFI Blog Virgil - Easy Victor Tim - Hotel Costs Joe - Online Schedule Dispatch Gregg - LGA Tower Schuyler Morales - On Crew Hotels... FO Jeff - MiG 29 Demo feedback Sport Pilot David - N919E Steven Ward - Cape Air Controller Vlad - Smart Thunderstorm Avoidance System Rick - Sq

  • APG 181 – Titanic Brewing Company Pubcast

    APG 181 – Titanic Brewing Company Pubcast

    14/08/2015 Duration: 02h13min

    News in this episode: United B772 near London on Aug 7th 2015, spark(l)ing seat Delta Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing After Flying Through Hail Storm Heathrow launches steeper approach trial to reduce noise LINKS Titanic Brewing Company FEEDBACK Micah - Vertigo Tom - Flight of Passage Trevor - Green laser pointer safety John Schaap - Video from on board Cathay Pacific CX884 diversion Swedish Jim - Bomb bag and diving in an airplane feedback Mike Dell - F-111 Aerial Refuel Tim Van Raam - Custom airplane makes emergency landing near Fernley - from Reno Gazette Journal Tim Van Raam - Oshkosh air festival's pink-shirted wizards of spatial relations Carl - Landing at AirVenture Charlotte Phil - That stuff on telephone poles Ahmad - Feedback/suggestion to iTunes John Schaap - Airliners come within 100 feet of drone over New York Scott Jones - FlightAware ADS-B Scott's Personal Page Nick (aka Old.Pilot) - Manual Flying VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give

  • APG 180 – Potable Problem Prevented, MH370 Update, Laser-Proof Glasses

    APG 180 – Potable Problem Prevented, MH370 Update, Laser-Proof Glasses

    07/08/2015 Duration: 02h44min

    Captain Jeff is joined by Miami Rick (@Miami_Rick). News in this episode: Hunt for MH370: More Debris Found on Réunion Island Phenom Crash at Blackbushe Update American Airlines B-757 inflight turnback due to loss of potable water Suburban N.Y. homeowner parks plane in driveway, angers neighbors Doctor develops glasses to protect airline pilots from laser attacks FEEDBACK Travis - Learning to fly Fred Fickenwirth - Researchers Hack Air-Gapped Computer With Simple Cell Phone Fred Fickenwirth - Analysis of the fatal Virgin Galactic crash Jeff - Hotels/Overnights Frik - NOT going green, but... MiG-29 Vertical Takeoff at RIAT Brendon Clunie - L-1011 Question, Student Pilots Australia Passenger Ken - LGA headline Tim from Central MA - College Degree, Flight School Akeem - My life long dream has finally come true Tadeo (Taj) - Crosswind Landings Brad Larson - Amazing Biplane! and more Olivier - Passed yesterday my PPL Checkride and Thanks for your show and this support Kizza - Aerobraking, Mu Values Shaun L

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