Labor Lines is a program about working men and women and the organizations that represent them, broadcasting in Manhattan as well as throughout Long Island. Labor Lines strives to take the mic to the streets and help the labor voice be heard. On the air continuously since March of 1999, Labor Lines is a production of the law firm of Fusco Brandenstein and Rada, P.C. The shows are produced weekly at the firms headquarters in Woodbury, N.Y. Labor Lines is hosted by Victor Fusco and Produced by Executive Producer Sara Jane Fusco and Assistant Producer Christiaan Perez Labor Lines can be heard: New York City Edition on WWRL 1600AM on Wednesday at 11 am Long Island Edition on WGBB 1240AM on Saturday at 7:30pm on WJVC 96.1FM on Saturday at 7am


  • Black Friday Protests – Fed up with the Fed Reserve

    01/12/2014 Duration: 49min
  • Lillian Roberts Legacy – Rank and File Education

    24/11/2014 Duration: 50min
  • Labor’s Representative in the City Council - The Truth about Tipped Wage Work

    17/11/2014 Duration: 48min
  • Republican Tsunami! Election Results Alarm Labor Leaders

    10/11/2014 Duration: 51min
  • Labor Leadership Education – Working Towards a Diverse Workforce

    03/11/2014 Duration: 53min
  • Leticia James Advocates for Public Good - Organized “Wage Rage”

    28/10/2014 Duration: 49min
  • Day at the Political Races - Financial Planning for the 99%

    20/10/2014 Duration: 50min
  • Vote No on Prop 1 - Veterans Equality Act

    13/10/2014 Duration: 51min
  • Ergonomically Safe Work Places – Fairness for Bangladeshi Workers – Young Labor-Leaders Gather

    06/10/2014 Duration: 59min
  • Labor History Museum - Laboring for Labor Press

    29/09/2014 Duration: 51min
  • Middle Class Action Project - Meeting Haber, NY Senate candidate

    23/09/2014 Duration: 55min
  • The Labor Movement Confronts Climate Change

    15/09/2014 Duration: 51min
  • Relief for World Trade Center Responders and Survivors

    08/09/2014 Duration: 51min
  • Promoting Labor Day Solidarity

    03/09/2014 Duration: 51min
  • Healthcare Update - Labor Rights as Civil Rights - Union Womens’ Summer School

    25/08/2014 Duration: 51min
  • Worker Cooperatives in NYC - Better Knowing the Workers Behind the Food

    19/08/2014 Duration: 51min
  • Citizen Action of New York - Knowing the Workers Who Make your Food

    11/08/2014 Duration: 51min
  • Contract Negotiations Come to Fruition

    04/08/2014 Duration: 55min
  • LiUNA says “Fix Our Bridges!" - Bridging the Labor management divide

    28/07/2014 Duration: 55min
  • Telling Labor’s Story

    21/07/2014 Duration: 55min
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