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Welcome to the Nerds Without Pants podcast! We're here to talk to you about games, comics, movies, and Jason Statham. Listen to our organized chaos, and join in the discussion with your letters. Keep it pantsless, internet!


  • Episode 45: Two Nerds, No Topic

    Episode 45: Two Nerds, No Topic

    02/05/2014 Duration: 01h17min

    We're a man down this time, so listen to Julian and Patrick talk about a bunch of stuff that nerds who do not wear pants would talk about. What are those things? Good question? How does Star Wars strike you? Maybe some Captain America 2? No? Well, there's bound to be something in here for everyone, from Patrick's new love for MMORPGs, Julian street passing with everyone in creation, and a strange relic of early '90s arcades. We've also got Bravely Default, FTL Advanced Edition, and plenty of comic book talk for you. Then we close things out with some talk about re-releasing 7th generation games on 8th generation hardware, PAX South,  and Julian's Final Fantasy collecting sickness. So you don't like any of those topics? Well help us make the next episode of NWP, tough guy (or girl)! Listen to the episode to find out how, and stay tuned to PixlBit for more information. FEATURED MUSIC: Hayes Carll- Down the Road Tonight Citizen Cope- Son's Gonna Rise

  • Episode 44: Turnbuckle Talk

    Episode 44: Turnbuckle Talk

    18/04/2014 Duration: 01h40min

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. ARE YOU READY TO PODCAAAAAAST? Well, good, because Patrick and Julian are joined by JD and fan favorite John Gholson to talk about some rasslin'. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you aren't a wrestling fan this episode of Nerds Without Pants just might help you understand why some of us are. We open with some brief talk about how we got into this silly show, but the first segment is pretty much dedicated to Wrestlemania XXX, which everyone agrees was a pretty fantastic event. Hear about Stone Cold Steve Austin's problems with Trader Joe's. Decide for yourself if Antonio Cesaro is a human or a Super Saiyan. Find out the shocking truth about what the Undertaker does when he's not in the ring! We wrap up with some discussion on wrestling video games because, hey, we're a video game podcast! John has a soft spot for WWF No Mercy, Julian defends WWF Attitude, and JD has fun with his create a wrestler modes. Patrick is too much of a poet to get down and dirty in t

  • Episode 43: Respect Our Authoritah!

    Episode 43: Respect Our Authoritah!

    04/04/2014 Duration: 01h54min

    Hello again! After that jam-packed 3 hour long Final Fantasy episode, it's time for the Pantsless Ones to get back to talking about games. As is NWP tradtion, we get sidetracked. A lot. We open up with some talk about the future of VR thanks to the Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus. Patrick and Julian are back on the Diablo train, and Angelo has found an unholy melding of RPG and pinball that will surely be the end of him. Oh, and f--- blitzball. Beyond that, Julian loves South Park: The Stick of Truth and doesn't care much for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Patrick continues to dominate at FIFA, and Angelo really loves R-Type. All this and more await you in another exciting edition of Nerds Without Pants! FEATURED MUSIC: Music from South Park: The Stick of Truth

  • Episode 42: Crystals

    Episode 42: Crystals

    22/03/2014 Duration: 03h09min

    Here it is! The moment that (some) of you have been waiting for! This is the big Nerds Without Pants love letter to Final Fantasy. Special guest Erika Szabo joins us once again to talk about a series that is near and dear to the hearts of everyone on the show. A word of warning: NWP busted out its super awesome Limit Break ability, and this show is a hefty 3 hour journey. I could tell you everything we talked about to entice you to listen, but I would end up writing a novel. From our origins to the series to what it means to each of us on a personal level to a huge discussion on the music, this episode has got you covered if you like (or used to like) Final Fantasy. You won't find much of the typical negativity that other shows usually heap on this series, but we do take some time to brainstorm on how to get the franchise back on track. Oh, and if you missed it, check out PixlBit's epic Final Fantasy Retrospective from last year. Hope you enjoy! Share with your friends that have fond memories of the series, a

  • Episode 41: Pirates

    Episode 41: Pirates

    07/03/2014 Duration: 01h58min

    Yaaaar! Welcome to another adventure on the high seas of the internet, ya landlubbers! This week, the crew of the S.S. NWP take a stab at the dreaded topic of piracy. No, not that piracy, the kind where people steal games and other media because they can. First off is a modified Consumption Junction. Even though it's only been a week since the last episode, Angelo has gone further down the pinball abyss, Patrick has played his first ever Lego game, and Julian had time to play 30 minutes of Remember Me. Okay, so not much has happened in a week, but the guys also spend some time doing a next gen check in. How do Julian and Patrick feel about their launch PS4s now? Is Angelo scared about the future of his shiny new Wii U? The answers may surprise you! (Probably not) Then it's on to the task at hand: piracy in video games and other forms of media. The crew confesses to their past transgressions and have varying levels of opinions about the core concept of pirating games. This leads into a discussion of emulation

  • Episode 40: Irrational Pinball Fantasies

    Episode 40: Irrational Pinball Fantasies

    28/02/2014 Duration: 01h58min

    A wild bonus Nerds Without Pants appears! Command? It's a free-flowing episode of NWP that is all about games, games, and more games! Patrick finds a new way to play FIFA and wasn't very impressed with Titanfall. He's been playing The Elder Scrolls Online, and the guys have a fun conversation about the future of the MMORPG. Angelo went down a crazy pinball machine rabbit hole, and Julian has a lot of words for Lightning Returns. (Spoiler alert: none of them are good!) We wrap up with some talk about the PS4 digital release Outlast, Patrick's first PS4 platinum trophy,  and delve deep into the recent closure of BioShock developer Irrational Games. Things get a little businessy, but we hope you enjoy it! FEATURED MUSIC: The Cast of The 40 Year Old Virgin-  Age of Aquarius .Hack//Sign- The World The Who- Pinball Wizard BioShock Infinite- God Only Knows

  • Special: All About Bravely Default

    Special: All About Bravely Default

    21/02/2014 Duration: 01h15min

    Well, we're a man down this week, but instead of leaving you lovely listeners hanging, Julian and Angelo have a special edition of Nerds Without Pants just for you. Yes, you! Come back next week for a bonus episode of NWP, followed by your regularly scheduled Panstless Ones. It's three weeks of rambling! The topic of this special is the highly regarded Square Enix RPG: Bravely Default. Julian hasn't had a chance to play the game proper, so he spends some time asking Angelo about the details. Don't worry, though--this episode is pretty much spoiler free. Angelo gets into the nuts and bolts of the game mechanics, Julian rants about his mangled Collector's Edition (thanks, Obama Amazon!), and there's plenty of Final Fantasy sidebars. The duo closes things out by talking about Angelo's sneaky project to turn his wife into a hardcore JRPG fanatic. Of course, it wouldn't be an RPG podcast without some gushing over the game's soundtrack. That's about it! Be sure to check out Erika Szabo's video review, and come back

  • Episode 39: The Mushy Stuff

    Episode 39: The Mushy Stuff

    09/02/2014 Duration: 02h32min

    Howdy folks! Julian here again. It's close to Valentine's Day, or Single Awareness Day as I like to call it. Last year, Patrick came up with a very smart, high-brow topic, but this year I decided to be super uninspired and talk about romance in vidya games. Join us, will you? We have JD as a special guest to talk about his recent game jam, but Angelo kicks things off with his hate/less hate relationship with Kingdom Hearts. It's a good intro, because it turns out that Angelo has a block of ice where normal people keep their hearts! Patrick joined a LAN (or is that land?) party, and I've been cuddling up with my 3DS lately. We then move on to the subject of love, romance, and all of that mushy stuff in games. We bring up some of the power couples such as Eddie Riggs and Ophelia, Tidus and Yuna, and The Prince and Elika. Angelo has some choice words for BioWare games, but he's entitled to his wrong opinion. I kid! I kid! JD talks about how Mass Effect helped him through some personal romantic issues he had, and

  • Episode 38: Jaded

    Episode 38: Jaded

    24/01/2014 Duration: 02h05min

    Hey there, folks. Julian here. So, I've been going through a lot of personal stuff for the past, oh, year or so, and it's starting to come to a head. What that means for you is we don't have a topic this week because I was too frazzled to come up with one. However, my  pain may become your pleasure, because somehow we managed to have a two hour show with a ton of different little discussions that turned out pretty well. There's absolutely no structure to this edition of Nerds Without Pants. Heck, we're even wearing pants this time. We talk about our dream home arcades, answer some burning questions, play around with the Zelda formula, and wonder if Lunar's story can hold up to modern RPGs. I'm conflicted about A Link Between Worlds, Patrick's been watching a lot of TV, and Angelo has an axe to grind against Aerosmith (and the fact that I'm classic rock illiterate). That's only the tip of the iceberg. Maybe I should go through personal turmoil more often. What say you? FEATURED MUSIC: New Radicals: I Don'

  • Episode 37: 2013: It Happened

    Episode 37: 2013: It Happened

    10/01/2014 Duration: 02h18min

    It's 2014, and the Pantsless Ones are back! Well, Angelo and Patrick had to wear layers for this recording, as they were smack dab in the middle of BLIZZARD 2014(tm)! Strap in for a long edition of Consumption Junction this week. After taking an episode off and everyone having some free time to play some games, everybody has a lot to say. Angelo poop-socked Zelda, got a motherlode of gaming loot from friends and family, and even a lump of coal. Er, you'll see what I mean. Patrick is a Resogun master, Game of Thrones is quite popular in the Kijek household, and comics were read. Julian finished Beyond: Two Souls, is the best Bravely Default player on the PixlBit staff, and can't understand how Assassin's Creed is the massive success that it is. The show wraps up with the fastest year in review ever, because screw 2013. The crew discuss their favorite games of the year, whip up a gamer new year's resolution, and other assorted bollocks. FEATURED MUSIC: Homeward Bound (theme from Monty Python and the Quest for t

  • Episode 36: Black and Blue Friday

    Episode 36: Black and Blue Friday

    13/12/2013 Duration: 02h12min

    After not one, but two special format shows with guests, it's high time for the main NWP crew to get together and talk some games. Like, a lot of games. Like, too many games. Since we haven't done Consumption Junction in over six weeks, we all have a lot to talk about. Of course, we can't help but kick things off with PS4 talk, as both Patrick and Julian have been playing the new Sony box since launch day. They highlight some of their favorite interface features and talk about FIFA, Assassin's Creed IV, Knack, and Killzone: Shadowfall. Angelo has been enjoying his PS3, Julian misses his Pooh bear, and Final Fantasy IX looks like garbage on an HD display. Julian has some choice words for Batman: Arkham Origins, and Patrick is neck deep in comic books.We all spent money we didn't need to at Black Friday. Beyond that, we have a lot of general geekery for you this week. Let your mouth water as we talk sushi, be amazed at Angelo's train adventures, and weigh in on which Paranormal Activity movie is your favorite.

  • Episode 35: Comic Book Men

    Episode 35: Comic Book Men

    17/11/2013 Duration: 02h01min

    Well, we're a bit late thanks to technical difficulties and busy schedules, but the Nerds Without Pants are back with another special format. Once again there is no time for the media we've been consuming, as we are joined by fan favorite John Gholson to talk all things comic books. We begin by talking about the actual printed editions themselves. Everyone has their tale to tell about how they caught the comic book bug, with the exception of Angelo who explains how comics were just never his bag. We talk about first issues, traumatic content, the healing powers of comic books, and more before giving Angelo (and you listeners) a few recommendations. In the second half of the show, we talk about some of the best and worst games that are based on comic books. We take things by time periods: The Golden Age (1977-1994), The Silver Age (1995-2004) and The Modern Age (2005-2013). John has a triumphant story about The Silver Surver for NES, Julian waxes nostalgic for the arcade brawlers, Angelo has a little bit of tr

  • Episode 34: NWP: The Next Generation

    Episode 34: NWP: The Next Generation

    01/11/2013 Duration: 02h11min

    Let's get right to it, people. There's no time to talk about current media we've been consuming, because this episode of NWP is an epic look back at the seventh console generation and a bit of a look forward at the eighth generation. So sit back, strap in, and get comfy, folks! We kick things off by looking way back into 2005 and explaining who we were and what we were doing. It's been almost a decade since this console cycle began, and we tell some interesting stories about ourselves and the launches of the big three machines. Then we bring up how these launch things typically go, and what people should expect in case they've forgotten or just plain have never had to upgrade their consoles before. Angelo returns to the Sony fold after a twelve year absence and is itching to experience an entirely new backlog (which, if you follow Angelo on PixlBit you know is a very good thing). We close things out by musing over what we believe to be some of the most important games of this generation, either on a personal

  • Episode 33: Halloween Havoc II: The Startling

    Episode 33: Halloween Havoc II: The Startling

    18/10/2013 Duration: 02h33min

    Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to listen to. Something like this extra-large edition of Nerds Without Pants, Halloween-style! We kick things off with Consumption Junction. In this episode, Julian spends some quality time with his 3DS and tries to overcome his PTSD (Pokemon Traumatic Stress Disorder). Patrick joins the PC master race and attempts to enjoy Tolkien. Angelo gushes over Aliens and gets yet another awesome gift from his wife. In the main topic, the Pantsless Ones discuss their first experiences with horror, try to understand why certain types of scary work on some people while failing with others, and answer a question from NWP superfan Michael117. Then they sign off by brainstorming some cool new horror video game ideas. FEATURED MUSIC: Killer Instinct- Tooth & Claw Danny Elfman- Theme from Tales From the Crypt Michael Jackson- Thriller Aqua- Halloween

  • Episode 32: The Pantsless and the Damned

    Episode 32: The Pantsless and the Damned

    04/10/2013 Duration: 01h15min

    It's a shorter episode of Nerds Without Pants this week. That's either a blessing or a curse depending on your feelings on the Pantsless Ones. Life got in the way of our normal show format, but that's probably a good thing since you're all playing Grand Theft Auto V right now anyway. We go all over the place, with talk of classic GameBoy games, the boycotting of Waluigi, cloning Angelo's awesome wife, and other things. This leads into Julian talking for far too long about his abject hatred of GTA V. Patrick tries to sway Julian's opinion, but Julian cannot be swayed. If you find it boring and heavy handed, congratulations! You know how Julian felt playing GTA V. We close things out with some comics, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Angelo's failure with the Marvel Studios movies, and some love for Mel Brooks. See you in two weeks for our spooky Halloween extravaganza! FEATURED MUSIC: Mel Brooks- The Inquisition Ranetki- O Tebe The Pillows- Ride on Shooting Star

  • Episode 31: Soapbox Derby

    Episode 31: Soapbox Derby

    21/09/2013 Duration: 02h10min

    This week, the Pantsless Ones are joined by video games writer and rising YouTube star Erika Szabo. We each brought a topic to talk/preach/rant about from our soapboxes, but before that we of course have Consumption Junction. Erika catches us up on the huge changes in her career since her first appearance on NWP. Then there's Tales of Xillia, the Biggest Sneeze Ever, Angelo's fear of extraterrestrials, and Patrick's love of evil. Julian shakes his head at Wal Mart's poor purchasing skills and rallies back from a week of little to no sleep. Then the group takes to the soapbox. Julian has a lot to say about what a review should be, and urges readers to do their part to understand that reviews are a two way street. Patrick is fearful that bloated triple-A game budgets are stifling developer creativity. Angelo wants to be able to talk to people on the internet in a level headed and mature manner. Lastly, Erika tackles the dreaded "M" word (that's "misogyny" if you haven't been paying attention), and being a femin

  • Episode 30: Growing up Geek

    Episode 30: Growing up Geek

    06/09/2013 Duration: 01h41min

    Wow, Nerds Without Pants turns 30! Funny, the show doesn't seem a day over 22. Aging is the topic of the day this time around, as Julian wonders what changes are in store for the modern geek. Before that, it's Consumption Junction time once again. Angelo is positively beaming after his conquering of Etrian Odyssey IV. Patrick has moved out of the parental domain, and he feels right. Julian Kickstarted a game he doesn't want, and he and Angelo have an almost civilized debate over the merits of Mighty No. 9.  In the main topic, Angelo and Patrick shake their heads in consternation at Julian's decent into self reflection. This is a weird one, folks. If you've ever been passionate about any aspect of geek culture (and you probably have if you're visiting this website) then getting older and still geeking out over things is something you should think about. Julian realizes that he's now in a situation where he has to keep his hobbies close to his vest, while Angelo has the luxury of geeking out with his kids.

  • Episode 29: Ethical Nerds

    Episode 29: Ethical Nerds

    23/08/2013 Duration: 02h09min

    It's Friday, which means it's time to take your pants off and listen to another wonderful episode of NWP! The guys run the gamut of geekdom this week, with talk about anime, art books, Shin Megami Tensei IV, and the greatest Jason Statham move ever made: Saints Row IV. After that, Patrick takes over to discuss ethics in the video game industry. How underhanded is it to lay off people right after a project is done? What about the unfortunately necessary evil that is the PR and game writer relationship? All of these topics and more are discussed at length in a rather thoughtful episode of Nerds Without Pants! FEATURED MUSIC: blur- Song 2 The Romantics- Talking in Your Sleep Paula Abdul- Opposites Attract Haddaway- What is Love                                                   "Oy! I've got a Statham Sighting

  • Episode 28: Whats the Deal With JRPGs?

    Episode 28: What's the Deal With JRPGs?

    09/08/2013 Duration: 02h15min

    It's time for another excellent episode of Nerds Without Pants! Oh, you lucky, lucky people. This week, it's all about JRPGs for the main topic, but as always we begin with Consumption Junction. Since Julian and Angelo bored the pants off of everyone last time, the lion's share of the opening segment is spent on Patrick's vacation to New York City. Museums were visited! Broadway shows were watched! Miis were Street Passed! After that, Patrick talks about how easily he breezed through the ending of Fire Emblem, much to Julian's chagrin. This leads nicely into the topic de jour: JRPGs. The crew talks briefly about their origins with the genre, and then try to put their fingers on where they each started to diverge from this type of game. Julian is the most negative, but that may come from the burnout of playing over a hundred RPGs before reaching the current generation. The guys debate the idea that voice acting may have ruined the genre, discuss Lightning's boob job, and more. It's a discussion that's sure to

  • Episode 27: Summer Jams

    Episode 27: Summer Jams

    26/07/2013 Duration: 01h59min

    Hello again! Patrick is on vacation in New York City this week, so it's up to Julian and new third chair Angelo to hold down the fort. Somehow, they manage to ramble on for two hours about this, that, and the other thing. What was supposed to be the shortest edition of Consumption Junction ever turns into a lengthy, meandering discussion. Angelo has a problem with huffing, and Julian has an aversion to the first person perspective. The guys talk about parental Final Fantasy bans, Treasure games, eradicating the word "shmup" from the gamer lexicon, and close out the section with Julian's best WWE Raw moment ever, Comic Con, and Pacific Rim. Whew! Then the topic moves into summertime. The guys talk about favorite childhood summer memories, their favorite games to play on summer vacation, and roadtrip shenanigans. They also tackle the subject of game publishers missing out on the possible sales goldmine by not releasing mid-tier games in the summer. They wrap things out by highlighting some of their favorite sum

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