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Welcome to the Nerds Without Pants podcast! We're here to talk to you about games, comics, movies, and Jason Statham. Listen to our organized chaos, and join in the discussion with your letters. Keep it pantsless, internet!


  • Episode 25: One Box to Rule Them All

    Episode 25: One Box to Rule Them All

    28/06/2013 Duration: 01h51min

    Hi, we’re Nerds Without Pants, and we would like to bring you this podcast that you can never share with anyone you know, and for the low, low price of 499.99. If you don’t like that, you can listen to the radio. Actually, never mind. Feel free to share this with anyone and everyone. We’re sorry. (In case you didn’t figure it out, this week is all about the Xbox One.) We kick things off with the most random edition of Consumption Junction ever. Angelo joins us this week, and we have some Statham Sightings ™, discuss the size of Liam Neeson’s package, Wikipedia insecurities, The Last of Us, Project x Zone, anime love pillows, and more. Patrick has an Animal Crossing addiction, and Julian makes awkward segways. Then, it’s all Xbox, all the time, and you don’t even have to check in every 24 hours to enjoy this podcast! We go in chronological order: from the initial reveal to all of the gaffes surrounding E3 and the flip flop heard ‘round the world. The Nerds

  • Episode 24: E3 Time Capsule

    Episode 24: E3 Time Capsule

    14/06/2013 Duration: 01h16min

    After some serious technical difficulties and scheduling problems, the Nerds are back! We had all sorts of well-laid plans for this episode but they never came together. Instead, Patrick and Julian got together the day before E3 to record a predictions podcast that wouldn't be released until after the show was over. Enjoy this E3 time capsule! We hit up Consumption Junction and talk about Fire Emblem for way too long, as well as Star Trek Into Darkness and some comic book talk. Julian loves Dodgeball, and Satoru Iwata makes an appearance. Then the Nerds tackle what they expect to see at E3. How accurate were they? Did they get anything right at all? Only you can say for sure, dear listeners! FEATURED MUSIC: M83- Midnight City Fire Emblem: Awakening- Destiny Boy- Drive, Darling, Drive

  • Special: NWP XIII vs Nomura

    Special: NWP XIII vs Nomura

    12/06/2013 Duration: 01h12min

    What? Another special edition of Nerds Without Pants? You lucky ducks! This time, Angelo joins Julian for a look at what Nintendo had to show off, as well as a bunch of other stuff that you'll want to hear. Angelo gives his thoughts on what was shown yesterday, and voices his caution and concerns for both the Xbox One and the PS4. He brings up some great points, but Julian is still gung ho on his PS4 preorder, but admits that Nintendo showed off some amazing games at their Nintendo Direct. Both of the guys think Mega Man is cute, secretly want to be Cat Mario, and fantasize about owning a Kuribo's Shoe. Then Angelo stirs the pot by bringing up Final Fantasy XV nee Versus XIII. He didn't listen to yesterday's special, which means you get to listen to Julian rant once again about his issues with the newly christened FF game and his hatred for Tetsuya Nomura's designs. To quote the tenth Doctor: "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry."

  • Special: PS4gtXbox One

    Special: PS4>Xbox One

    11/06/2013 Duration: 53min

    Hello there! The Pantsless Ones simply couldn't stay silent after the Sony press conference. Here is an hour of unfiltered, unedited NWP, with the guys high off of video game announcements. Julian goes over the Microsoft and EA press conferences, and gives the Xbox One a lot of props. But it simply can't compete with the PS4,and both Julian and Patrick had to preorder the sleek Sony console immediately following the press conference. The guys go over some of the bigger games, and they take some time out so that Julian can rant about Final Fantasy: The Vaporware, AKA Final Fantasy XV. That's about it! Sorry, Microsoft. You had some good stuff to show, but Sony was hungrier. Like a lethal Tombstone Piledriver, you're out for the count, and it's time to REST...IN...PEACE.

  • Episode 23: Dont Worry, Be Nerdy

    Episode 23: Don't Worry, Be Nerdy

    17/05/2013 Duration: 02h12min

    Hi there. We're all nerds and geeks here, right? We're passionate about our hobbies, but why does that passion so often turn to rage and complaining? Can't we all just have fun and enjoy each other's thoughts and company? Well, this week on Nerds Without Pants we're joined by a couple excellent guests to talk about just that. Enjoy the beautiful voices and even-handed opinions of Erika Szabo and John Gholson! We kick things off with introductions. Erika is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the realm of games and tech writing. John has started a new comics blog, acted in a movie, and been on VH1 since last we heard from him. After that we move into Consumption Junction. We talk about Iron Man 3, comic book back issues, Fire Emblem, anime, and the proper language needed when reviewing vibrators. Yes, you read that right. Then, we go deep on the echo chamber of nerd rage that can be found on the internet. Sexism comes up a lot, as it's been a hot button issue in the games sector recently. From the Dragon'

  • Episode 22: Nintendo Propaganda

    Episode 22: Nintendo Propaganda

    03/05/2013 Duration: 02h21min

    Hey! Listen! We have a big show for you this week, and we kick things off by talking about how awesome Felicia Day is before Patrick gives us the lowdown on the c2e2 convention. Is that Jeff Green guesting on our show? Not quite, but Angelo sounds a little bit like him, and he drops by to talk about Nintendo and other fun things! In Consumption Junction, Angelo brings up some great conversation about video game soundtracks. Patrick's been playing Phantasy Star IV, and the guys talk about gaming "then" and gaming "now". Julian watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn and recoils in terror from CG BABY. He's also jumped onto the 3DS bandwagon, thanks to peer pressure from people like our own Jesse Miller. That leads the crew into a lengthy discussion about Nintendo. Julian's been a vocal "jilted Nintendo lover" for a long time, and talks about his love and breakup with the company. Angelo tells his odd beginnings with the Big N, and Patrick reminisces about his "gaming All-Mother". Julian calls out the hysterical, rabid

  • Episode 21: Sick, Sad World

    Episode 21: Sick, Sad World

    19/04/2013 Duration: 01h16min

    Hello, and *cough cough* welcome to *hack* another episode of *wheeze* Nerds Without Pants! Our last episode was so freaking epic that Julian fell ill. Well, not really, but he's rather under the weather this week, so hopefully you enjoy this shorter show as Patrick takes up the slack. It's pretty much all Consumption Junction this time, folks. Patrick's been playing The Walking Dead, catching up on TV shows, and reading copious amounts of comics. Julian conquered a game from his past that has haunted him for years, shares his fear of bug eyed people, and has a vastly different definition for large breasts than Patrick. Things wrap up with some talk of game collecting before Patrick chimes in with a PSA on insomnia, something that Julian and many of the PixlBit community suffer from. And that's it! What, you want more? You got almost three hours of us last time! WHAT MUST WE DO TO APPEASE YOU??!! FEATURED MUSIC: Bad Religion- Infected Paula Cole- Hush, Hush, Hush

  • Episode 20: Ten

    Episode 20: Ten

    05/04/2013 Duration: 02h39min

    It's time again for Nerds Without Pants! This week, JD joins us for a very special look at growing up in the '90s, and all the great games we experienced back then. So lace up your army boots, tie a flannel around your waist, and chug some Crystal Pepsi folks, because this episode of NWP is full of attitude and is so effing XTREME! First though, we head over to Consumption Junction, where quite a bit of games are talked about. Enjoy plenty of discussion about God of War: Ascension, Gears of War: Judgment, BioShock Infinite, The Cave, and Star Craft II: Heart of the Swarm. Julian brings up Metal Gear Solid V and the danger of "prequel fatigue". We also talk about comics for a reeeally long time, as well as a bit of TV. Then we hop into the Wayback Machine for a trip through 1990-1999. There's as much as a ten year gap between the oldest and youngest members of this show, so memories and experiences vary wildly. From the heyday of the arcade to the launch of the SNES, N64, PSX, and more, the Pantsless Ones have

  • Episode 19: Patricks Day

    Episode 19: Patrick's Day

    22/03/2013 Duration: 01h43min

    Hello, and welcome to a very special edition of Nerds Without Pants! Patrick takes the helm this week for the holiday that was named after him. That...may not be an accurate statement, but the name of the game is all sorts of clever tricks and cons in the world of video games. Before that, we introduce a new opening segment to the show: Consumption Junction. This is where we talk about all the different forms of media we've consumed since last time, and this week we discuss Julian's new Disgaea obsession, Wreck-It Ralph, inFAMOUS 2, Joe Danger: The Movie, and more. Then, Patrick dips into his pot 'o gold to talk about some tricky games and even trickier game companies. We bring up all the dastardly deeds we can ken, from deceptive console launches to video game hero switcheroos. Plenty of tangents and asides abound, thanks to input from Joe Step, leeradical42, and angelfaceband42. We've got crotch-shattering combos! Telekinetic babies! Ken Griffey Jr.!Patrick talking in Irish brogue! Don't miss it! FEATURED M

  • Episode 18: Sonys World

    Episode 18: Sony's World

    08/03/2013 Duration: 02h04min

    Hello again! This week on Nerds Without Pants Julian and Patrick give all of their love to the PlayStation 4. There’s been a ton of negative talk swirling around the new Sony console, and the Pantsless Ones bring a refreshing amount of positive vibes to the discussion. But before that—games! Both of the guys finished Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and they rant about the criminal difficulty of the final boss while raving about the rest of the game. Patrick’s been enjoying his first taste of Suckerpunch’s superhero saga with inFAMOUS 2, and a lot of time is spent dreaming up what their dream God of War game would be like. Regular contributor Michael117 has a question about video game advertising, leading to one of the best drops in the history of NWP. After that, it’s a veritable Sony love-in. Well, after Julian takes jaded gamers to task for being so blasé about a NEW CONSOLE REVEAL. The guys talk about the new controller, Julian’s antisocial stance on all that soci

  • Episode 17: The All-Japan Pro Podcast

    Episode 17: The All-Japan Pro Podcast

    01/03/2013 Duration: 01h23min

    Welcome to another edition of Nerds Without Pants! No, this show isn't about an epic wrestling match between Antonio Inoki and Great Baba.This time, we revisit a topic that we talked about when we were still the Tri-Force crew on PixlTalk: Japanese games. Instead of rehashing material we take advantage of the fact that we’re nearing the end of the console cycle and grade major Japanese developers on their performance. Before that, we talk about what games we’ve been playing. Rob tried his best to like Aliens: Colonial Marines, but the game failed him, and he had to break up with it. As a result, he’s done with Gearbox as well, and we talk a little about that entire debacle. Rob’s also been playing The Sims 3 (I know, right?), and has a special announcement on a new project. Patrick and Julian tag team the Platinum craziness that is Metal Gear Rising. Julian played the indie game Depression Quest, a text-based narrative that has him wondering if he needs professional help. After that, t

  • Episode 16: The Romantic Babies

    Episode 16: The Romantic Babies

    15/02/2013 Duration: 01h49min

    Hey folks, Julian here. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day (or Single Awareness Day if you're like the Pantsless Ones). I wanted to do something special for this episode, but my original idea was love stories in video games. Yawn. Instead, I asked Patrick to come up with an off the wall and eclectic idea, in the way that Patrick does. He did not disappoint, and it's a shame that Rob wasn't able to join us because of BLIZZARD 2013!!! We talk about what we've been playing. It's slim pickings, but Patrick's been powering through Simpsons: Tapped Out and FIFA 13, which leads to a nice discussion about "in-app" purchases. I'm working on Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (review coming soon!), but the big thing for me was playing an upcoming indie game: Pimps vs. Vampires. Pixel artist Thomas Noppers was nice enough to let me participate in a recent weapons test and I liked what I played. Go give him some love on Twitter.We also speculate on what could come out of the upcoming Sony PS4 announcement. Patrick takes

  • Episode 15: Potpourri

    Episode 15: Potpourri

    01/02/2013 Duration: 01h37min

    Hello again! Julian here, joined as always by Patrick and Rob for another episode of Nerds Without Pants. No topic this time...we decided to just wing it with some random discussion. Yes, a hodge podge of talking points brought together to form a pleasant bouquet. Some potpourri, if you will. We can all enjoy a little P O T. And if you got that obscure Laugh In joke, congratulations! I love you. I didn't think we had a lot of games to talk about, but actually we had a frakton of games to talk about. Patrick is still preaching the gospel of PS Plus, with beta access to Dust 514 and God of War: Ascension some good reasons to join. Rob's knee-deep in his second Fallout: New Vegas run through, and he confesses his undying love for Felicia Day at last. Okay, not really, but his opinion has changed a little. I try to convince him for the billionth time to finish Alan Wake, and I'm met with his love for Max Payne 3's multiplayer. I give Final Fantasy ATB a thumbs up while taking Dead Space 3 and EA to task. Patrick'

  • Episode 14: Inspired Discourse

    Episode 14: Inspired Discourse

    18/01/2013 Duration: 01h26min

    The band is back together for another exciting edition of Nerds Without Pants! This time, the Pantsless Ones talk about the people in the video game industry that inspire them, and why. Inspiration is the topic of the day, but before that, the guys catch up on what they’ve been up to. It’s a little light in the games department this week, as Rob’s been busy and Julian was laid up in bed. Patrick’s been busy, though, and he brings the games with Assassin’s Creed 3, NiGHTS, and Retro City Rampage. He’s also really digging PlayStation Plus, leading to a discussion about what Sony and Microsoft need to do to impress us in the online space next generation. Julian is neck deep into his Doctor Who obsession while also jumping down the Lost rabbit hole. Rob interviewed a film hero of his, Tommy Wiseau, and you should totally read his piece at Just Press Play. The guys brought three people from the game industry that inspire them , and they go around the room trading influences. If

  • Special Edition: Love and the MMORPG

    Special Edition: Love and the MMORPG

    11/01/2013 Duration: 01h14min

    Welcome to a very special edition of Nerds Without Pants. Julian is joined by a couple of lovely ladies—Shanna and Allison—who are experts on the topic of the day: massively multiplayer online role playing games. That’s MMORPGs for you savvy ones. With Star Wars: The Old Republic doing well below expectations and Final Fantasy XIV needing a complete redesign this episode of NWP asks what’s so special about these types of games, and why do people still play them? Final Fantasy XI is the gateway drug for this conversation. Julian has played this game for nearly ten years, and his guest Shanna has spent nearly that long wandering the lands of Vana’diel. We talk about how we each got into this notoriously difficult game, and why we’ve played it for so damn long. Allison has moved on to Final Fantasy XIV, so she tells us why she left. Community plays a big role in these games, and that’s the core theme that the panel keeps coming back to. With all the drama, naughty talk,

  • Episode 13: 2012: The Year in Podcast

    Episode 13: 2012: The Year in Podcast

    04/01/2013 Duration: 02h07min

    It’s 2013 and somehow we survived the apocalypse! Time to ring in the new year in style, with a new episode of Nerds Without Pants. This week we’re a nerd down, as Patrick is convalescing after minor surgery. Filling in is the one and only Ty “Fighter”, who long time listeners will know as Rob’s oft-mentioned buddy. Since every podcast is doing their game of the year lists we decided to buck that trend and instead take a look back at the year that was. Before that, we talk about stuff that we’ve been up to, including Hitman: Absolution, FTL, and Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy. Ty has gone down the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure rabbit hole, and Rob has a walk of shame. Oh, and Julian went streaking on New Year’s Eve! After that we discuss some of the biggest things to hit the video game industry in 2012. We take a look at the implications of Kickstarter on indie game development, explore why we aren’t all that excited over the PS Vita and Wii U, and try to get to th

  • Episode 12: Apocalypse...Now?

    Episode 12: Apocalypse...Now?

    21/12/2012 Duration: 01h18min

    Happy end of the world, everyone! With today being the supposed end of times according to the Mayans, the Nerds Without Pants thought it would be a great time to talk about apocalyptic games and media. Before that, we catch up on what we’ve been up to lately. Rob is back after recovering from a terrible bout of throat AIDS (don’t ask). He talks about Far Cry 3 and The Hobbit. We also talk some comic books, have a heated debate about the difference between graphics and art design, and more. Julian rants about his bug infested experience with The Walking Dead which leads us to ponder the nature of giving popular games a pass when they have serious technical issues. He also sends a love letter to David Tennant, the tenth Doctor. Who? Exactly. The topic of the day is the end of the world, and we talk about our favorite depictions of the apocalypse in video games and film. We discuss what type of post apocalypse we’d most like to live in, and then finish things off with a doomsday scenario wherei

  • Episode 11: D-Generates

    Episode 11: D-Generates

    07/12/2012 Duration: 01h53min

    We’re back! After a month long hiatus, the Pantsless Ones return to entertain and inform on a variety of topics. We begin by catching up, which leads to a lot of comic book talk. Rob’s made a new addition to his legendary Comedian shrine, and he also may have a slight Dark Knight Rises hoarding problem. Don’t worry folks—an intervention is in the works. Unfortunately, technical difficulties plagued this episode, resulting in us splitting up our recording time. In that break, Rob got really sick and couldn’t make it for the rest of the show. Julian and Patrick soldier on and talk about TOO MANY GAMES. This discussion includes, but is not limited to, Assassin’s Creed 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted, NiNo Kuni, and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. After that, we talk about holiday gaming memories. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, we compare notes on any deals they stumbled upon. Patrick shares eerie similarities with the Nintendo 64 kid, and Julian shares an epic tal

  • Episode 10: Halloween Havoc

    Episode 10: Halloween Havoc

    29/10/2012 Duration: 01h42min

    Welcome to the Halloween spectacular of Nerds Without Pants! Fear not boys and ghouls, the Pantsless Ones always hand out full sized candy bars. We’ve got tons of podcasting goodness to fill your sacks with as well, so have a listen, won’t you? We kick things off with what we’ve been playing, including Happy Wars, 007 Legends, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. We also have a moment of silence and pour one out for Patrick’s dearly departed PS3. Hopefully he doesn’t bury it in an ancient Native American burial ground…we know how that ends. After that, Rob guides the crew as we discuss our deepest and darkest fears. Look into our souls as we talk about irrational fears of sea monsters (that damn giant eel in Mario 64!), feelings of hopelessness, abandonment, and failing to amount to anything in life. It’s an oddly deep episode, but we keep things light as we weave video games into our personal fears, running the gamut from Super Metroid to Silent Hill 3 to Closure. We had a lot

  • Episode 9: Cinema Verite

    Episode 9: Cinema Verite

    19/10/2012 Duration: 02h09min

    Welcome to NWP at the Movies! This week, the pantsless ones are joined by film critic, actor, artist, and all around good dude, John Gholson. Movies are the topic of the day, but as always we begin with what we’ve been playing and listener mail. This week, we talk about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Patrick’s intro to iOS games, XCOM, and Julian’s existential gaming crisis. John attended the Fantastic Fest movie festival in Austin recently. This particular film fest focuses on quirky horror, action, and sci-fi movies, and John clues us in on Dredd, Cloud Atlas, and My Amityville Horror among others. We get deep into recent films as well, such as Argo and Seven Psycopaths, along with Rob’s recent trip to the Hamptons International Film Festival. We close out this episode talking about movies based on video games. Yeah, they all kind of suck, but there’s some fun to be had, as well. Enjoy Rob and John as they sit as polar opposites on nearly every

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