Providence Church Of Williston


Providence Church of Williston


  • Jesus Power Over The Spiritual Realm - Audio

    "Jesus' Power Over The Spiritual Realm" - Audio

    28/04/2014 Duration: 2990h00s

    Jesus is the Supreme power in the Universe

  • Jesus in the Midst of a Storm - Audio

    "Jesus in the Midst of a Storm" - Audio

    13/04/2014 Duration: 2125h00s

    Jesus is God

  • Be Careful How You Hear - Audio

    "Be Careful How You Hear" - Audio

    06/04/2014 Duration: 2364h00s

    "Make Sure You Have a True Light"

  • The Parable of the Sower - Audio

    "The Parable of the Sower" - Audio

    31/03/2014 Duration: 3326h00s

    Which soil best represents your life?

  • The Ministry of Jesus - Audio

    "The Ministry of Jesus" - Audio

    24/03/2014 Duration: 2781h00s

    Providence Church of Williston

  • What a True Lover of God Looks Like - Audio

    "What a True Lover of God Looks Like" - Audio

    19/03/2014 Duration: 2746h00s

    Providence Church of Williston

  • John The Baptist Doubts - Audio

    "John The Baptist Doubts" - Audio

    23/02/2014 Duration: 2897h00s

    "Even believers can have doubts"

  • The Compassion of God - Audio

    "The Compassion of God" - Audio

    16/02/2014 Duration: 2520h00s

    "Jesus manifests the Compassion of God"

  • The Issue is Regeneration - Audio

    "The Issue is Regeneration" - Audio

    12/02/2014 Duration: 3723h00s

    "True believers Walk in the Light"

  • Jesus Marvels - Audio

    "Jesus Marvels" - Audio

    09/02/2014 Duration: 2250h00s

    Jesus Marvels at Great Faith, and Warns those who have none.

  • True Joy Comes Through Jesus - Audio

    "True Joy Comes Through Jesus" - Audio

    05/02/2014 Duration: 2440h00s

    "Introduction to 1st John"

  • What will you do with Jesus Words? - Audio

    "What will you do with Jesus Words?" - Audio

    04/02/2014 Duration: 2992h00s

    Jesus issues a warning to those who have heard His Words.

  • Do Not Judge What Does That Mean ? - Audio

    "Do Not Judge; What Does That Mean ?" - Audio

    26/01/2014 Duration: 2697h00s

    "What kind of spirit do you have"

  • Love Your Enemies Part 2 - Audio

    "Love Your Enemies Part 2" - Audio

    19/01/2014 Duration: 3038h00s

    Deny your self rights

  • Love Your Enemies Part 1 - Audio

    "Love Your Enemies Part 1" - Audio

    12/01/2014 Duration: 3374h00s

    How should we treat our enemies

  • We Have Come to Worship The King - Audio

    "We Have Come to Worship The King" - Audio

    22/12/2013 Duration: 3006h00s

    The Magi Worship King Jesus

  • Jesus Issues a Warning - Audio

    "Jesus Issues a Warning" - Audio

    15/12/2013 Duration: 2473h00s

    A Warning Statement

  • Blessed are the Persecuted - Audio

    "Blessed are the Persecuted" - Audio

    08/12/2013 Duration: 3133h00s

    Description of the believer

  • The Character of a Believer - Audio

    "The Character of a Believer" - Audio

    01/12/2013 Duration: 2501h00s

    The Character of a Believer

  • Blessed are the Poor - Audio

    "Blessed are the Poor" - Audio

    27/11/2013 Duration: 2488h00s

    The Kingdom of God belongs to the Poor in spirit

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