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Comedians Mitcz Marzoni and Teddy Tutson riff with fellow comics (and random crazy people) on the news, media, pop-culture and more. Every week is a new guest, and new debauchery and drunken discussion.


  • 110 : (Bonus Episode) Mitcz on Bad Girls Club

    110 : (Bonus Episode) Mitcz on Bad Girls Club

    09/06/2011 Duration: 26min

    After Teddy mentioned having done a thesis on the terrible trash-tv reality show “The Bad Girls Club”, Mitcz confesses to the time he was on the show, while Teddy and our guest Ralph Guerra demand to see the footage. Pure insanity ensues.

  • 014 : Ralph Guerra

    014 : Ralph Guerra

    07/06/2011 Duration: 01h46min

    Comedian Ralph Guerra stops by the Riffin’ studios and we get into ridiculous conversation as per usual, Teddy busts out some freestyle rhymin’, and there’s talk of the effect of Australian music on Great White sharks, the LA SlutWalk, Bad Decision Friday, and much more.

  • 013 : Doug Fager

    013 : Doug Fager

    01/06/2011 Duration: 02h17min

    One of our best episodes ever! Our friend and fellow comedian Doug Fager swings by the Riffin’ Studios and we talked about Mitcz’s embarrassing Friday night, Doug’s reason for missing his initial booking, an amusing phallic statue that Doug found at LACMA, why happy guys aren’t gettin’ the ladies, a chocolate treat shaped like an unlikely human body part, an inflated trucker incident, another dumb criminal story, Ouchy the Clown, and much more.

  • 012 : Justin Rupple

    012 : Justin Rupple

    25/05/2011 Duration: 07s

    We took this episode down, because the audio quality was piss-poor, and the first half of the show was (unfortunately) not recorded. The resulting episode was leftover bits from an “industry-style” discussion about stand-up comedy, joke theft, and things like that. All in all, not as entertaining as we’d like and being a young podcast as we are, we’d prefer this episode doesn’t count as a negative mark against us. Perhaps it will return one day, but most likely we’ll just have Justin Rupple return for another show soon and we’ll give you a better episode.

  • 011 : Mitcz  Teddy

    011 : Mitcz & Teddy

    18/05/2011 Duration: 01h59min

    Our original guest was a no-show (no call, no text, either) so Teddy and I just riffed away on the news ourselves. As is normally the case with he and I, the conversation was mostly about women, dating, and sex. Also, Teddy starts a new Twitter account after being promoted to official Co-Host of Straight Riffin’, and Mitcz makes everyone uncomfortable with a sad, disturbing tale towards the end of the show.

  • 109 : (Bonus Episode) Puttin’ it Out There

    109 : (Bonus Episode) Puttin’ it Out There

    12/05/2011 Duration: 58min

    Our first bonus episode! Just some leftover convo from Ep10 (with Adam Absinthe & Teddy Tutson) wherein the fellas discuss “whippin’ it out” on a date as a first move.

  • 010 : Adam Absinthe

    010 : Adam Absinthe

    11/05/2011 Duration: 02h16min

    Adam Absinthe stops by the studio on day 12 of his nonstop bender, meanwhile Teddy Tutson is on day 5 of his post-bday bender and is filling in for usual cohost Justin Dabuet. The drinking becomes almost as obscene as the conversations themselves, and the energy and ridiculousness are cranked to an all-time high.

  • 009 : Teddy Tutson  Richard Wendling

    009 : Teddy Tutson & Richard Wendling

    05/05/2011 Duration: 03h24s

    Justin was away having a pre-Mother’s Day celebration w/his family, so Teddy Tutson filled in for him and we discussed our gratitude for the assassination of Bin Laden. Later, a mutual friend of ours (with whom Teddy was in an argument with earlier in the week), Richard Wendling comes by the studio to make a number of faux pas remarks (much to the chagrin of Teddy & Mitcz).

  • 008 : Leo Sanders

    008 : Leo Sanders

    27/04/2011 Duration: 07s

    This episode had some technical issues, and we have to protect Leo’s reputation due to things that we discussed within this episode, so it’s been removed. If you need more Leo Sanders, we DID do a follow-up episode with him some years later. Click here for Ep78 with Leo Sanders & Zara Mizrahi.

  • 007 : Aiden Starr

    007 : Aiden Starr

    19/04/2011 Duration: 02h50min

    Our first non-comedian guest was pornstar Aiden Starr, who came on with political fury and we run the gamut of conversation and political discourse in this extra-long episode of Straight Riffin’. Topics include porn, feminism, hope and hopelessness, the future, government takeover and so much more. Strap in, kids. It gets rough (especially at around 1hr 46mins).

  • 006 : Mike Casentini

    006 : Mike Casentini

    12/04/2011 Duration: 01h52min

    Mike Casentini joins us on Straight Riffin’ as we talk about what Arnold Schwarzenegger has planned after his governance ends, why Predator might be a gay allegory, how taint size relates to fertility, what you can tell about a woman from her stride, and much much more.

  • 005 : TK

    005 : TK

    05/04/2011 Duration: 01h55min

    Our friend and surrogate father of the LA comedy Scene TK stops by to riff with us about god, sex, women, comedy and more

  • 004 : Adam Feuerberg

    004 : Adam Feuerberg

    30/03/2011 Duration: 01h57min

    Mitcz discusses the cancellation of his other broadcast/podcast show “Aural Salvation”, there’s a discussion about a woman who impregnated herself after giving her boyfriend oral sex, Justin Dabuet and Mitcz have Dueling Gilbert Gottfried fun, Adam Feuerberg turns every anecdotal voice into a Jewish person, and… well, it’s just 2 hours of insanity and mayhem. But, plenty of fun and never a dull moment. There was a weird audio drop about halfway in, so the video is cut into 2 parts. The audio podcast, however, is all contained in one file.

  • 003 : Brian Monarch

    003 : Brian Monarch

    22/03/2011 Duration: 02h20min

    Mitcz and Justin Dabuet join comedian (and SoCal comedy promoter) for some Straight Riffin. Mitcz discusses his brutal defeat (and subsequent bashing) in a dating contest for Adam Carolla’s show, they discuss “The Situation” bombing at the Trump Roast, watch Andrew Dice Clay rant about Sheen, Brian talks about ass-kissing comics, there’s much talk of threesomes and crazy women, and – of course – random tangents from all involved.

  • 002 : Jose Chavez

    002 : Jose Chavez

    15/03/2011 Duration: 02h04min

    Our friend (another fellow comedian) Jose Chavez stopped by the show to shoot the proverbial shit, sex talk becomes awkward, and we have a tender moment while discussing family matters.

  • 001 : Teddy Tutson

    001 : Teddy Tutson

    08/03/2011 Duration: 02h16min

    Episode 1 is in the bag! We had our good friend Teddy Tutson on and… man, that dude ran circles around us in the smartness department. Such fascinating discussion, much silliness ensued, but all in all – a great first episode. We had a minor internet hiccup during the broadcast, so the video is split into two parts (the audio, however, is one consolidated file)

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