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Comedians Mitcz Marzoni and Teddy Tutson riff with fellow comics (and random crazy people) on the news, media, pop-culture and more. Every week is a new guest, and new debauchery and drunken discussion.


  • 090 : Billy Bonnell

    090 : Billy Bonnell

    03/12/2012 Duration: 02h04min

    Billy Bonnell does some massive riffin’ with us this time around. We start out discussing his Texan upbringings, his Navy career, his burgeoning comedy career and more. We compare NYC and LA comedy scenes, talk some smack about “the industry” and move on to news items like NYC’s crime rate, the declining birthrate, a Mike Tyson confession, the Top 10 Songs of the Year on Songify, and even… Google Feud!

  • 089 : Vinay Chand

    089 : Vinay Chand

    26/11/2012 Duration: 02h05min

    Vinay Chand comes out to riff along with us when the discussions get fast and loose about Indian culture, racism, Obama, Twitter, Tumblr and a lot of social media madness. Mitcz spends the last chunk of the episode bitching about CBS, and Teddy and Vinay attempt to explain network TV to Mitcz.

  • 088 : Dusty Rhodes

    088 : Dusty Rhodes

    19/11/2012 Duration: 02h24min

    Our old pal Dusty Rhoads FINALLY comes out to riff with us after many failed attempts and we get deep into a number of topics like 80s Videogames and Batman movies but also serious topics like Prostate Cancer and Kevin Clash’s (voice of Elmo) recent scandal (and about rape accusations both real and fabricated). This episode is gonna split your head open and play around with your brain pieces. Oh, and… Happy Thanksgiving.

  • 087 : Adam Feuerberg

    087 : Adam Feuerberg

    12/11/2012 Duration: 01h55min

    Our old pal Adam Feuerbeg riffs along about videogames, D&D, online rudeness, parental responsibility, cuddling for hire, Star Wars, Howard the Duck and ohhh so much more! This is some of that classic riffin that’s gonna be just delicious.

  • 086 : Lizzy Pilcher

    086 : Lizzy Pilcher

    05/11/2012 Duration: 02h08min

    Comedian Lizzy P riffs along in this jam-packed episode. We discuss breakfast cereals, cooking as a single person, the crazy world of online dating, and much ado about the next day’s U.S. elections. Get informed AND laugh. We’ve got it all up in here.

  • 085 : John Bassett

    085 : John Bassett

    29/10/2012 Duration: 02h03min

    Our old pal John Bassett joins us in the new studio for a special (*cough* Mitcz’s b-da *cough) riffin episode. Teddy brings the heat in the first few minutes after a meme gets out of hand, we discuss the spread of political correctness in another meme, there’s some discussion of our childhoods, sports, old jobs, and more. A spontaneous game is created when Mitcz tries to name one president for every Star Wars character he can name, and he finally dominates a home-spun Riffin Game. Teddy still wins Google Feud, though.

  • 084 : The Amazing Clarks

    084 : The Amazing Clarks

    22/10/2012 Duration: 02h14min

    Anthony & Melanie Clark (“The Amazing Clarks”) joined us for what is inarguably our most enlightening (and, surprise! loving!) episode ever. We delve into the chasm between traditional relationship structures and the Luxury Dating lifestyle Anthony & Melanie meet with couples and singles to cultivate. There’s a LOT more to it than that, and a LOT more riffin than we can fit into this description – but this episode might just change your life.

  • 083 : Dale Spollett

    083 : Dale Spollett

    15/10/2012 Duration: 02h16min

    Dale Spollett brought some high-powered riffin’ to subjects we rarely discuss. Hair products, Spice Girls, getting drunk with alcoholic vervet monkeys in the Caribbean, pot-belly-pig sized dinosaurs, boxing, shoes, fast food and more riffs than you can count. It’ll make ya smooth.

  • 082 : Derrick Lemos

    082 : Derrick Lemos

    08/10/2012 Duration: 02h14min

    We join our old friend Derrick Lemos for a semi-serious, but informative Riffin on all manner of madness. The mood in the room was one of discovery and amusement, and we riffed about robotic bees, manatees, income disparity, cancer foundations, and much more. This is a riff that’ll examine your soul, without leaving you empty.

  • 081 : Cyrah Hawkins

    081 : Cyrah Hawkins

    01/10/2012 Duration: 02h02min

    Cyrah Hawkins came out to riff along about a vast number of Hollywood and TV misgivings and trends, along with some hilarious riffin on dares and the intricacies of Teledildonics. Remote sex! How do you not love that? Also, Teddy loses at Google Feud for a change.

  • 080 : Alex Mandelberg

    080 : Alex Mandelberg

    24/09/2012 Duration: 02h06min

    Our old pal Alex Mandelberg riffed on through to the other side in this raucous Riffin’ time. We start out with a discussion of the recent RiotLA Comedy Festival, leading into a short list of things Mitcz hates (which Mandelberg unifies with a theory), talk about who hates America based on arbitrary items, and Alex displays disrespect for the Batman franchise much to the ire of Mitcz & Teddy. From there.. well, it goes about every which way it can. You’ll love it, though. Be sure to check the site for all the links we discuss in this episode.

  • 079 : Dwayne Perkins

    079 : Dwayne Perkins

    17/09/2012 Duration: 02h41s

    Dwayne Perkins rolled up and riffed on with us during the hard-hitting ruckus. The early discussions touch on the tricky nature of black people at tractor pull events, a theoretical Mitcz at a B.I.G. show, and we have a lot of fun with vocal effects. In the news – we discuss rap, GZA’s new album plans, loud moviegoers, intergalactic space travel, all kinds of crazy science madness, and amongst other things we even manage to get in a solid round of Google Feud.

  • 078 : Zara Mizrahi  Leo Sanders

    078 : Zara Mizrahi & Leo Sanders

    10/09/2012 Duration: 02h17min

    With Teddy out of town, our old pal Leo Sanders filled in on the co-host duties while we talked with Zara Mizrahi about her childhood acting with Disney, her musical career, her standup comedy, and some awesome tidbits about clown school. We also riff along about relationships, and play another game of Google Feud.

  • 077 : Richard Wendling

    077 : Richard Wendling

    04/09/2012 Duration: 02h13s

    A man of much Riffin Lore, Richard Wendling, swings through to riff it out with us. We give him a chance to exonerate himself (which he fumbles through), he discusses his Vegas plans and we give him plenty of fun little tips, and it all gets whackier from there, with talking sea otters, more of Teddy’s paranoia regarding animals with thumbs, Richard attempts to explain The Dark Knight (and fails) and we play a rousing game of Google Feud.

  • 076 : Henry Dittman

    076 : Henry Dittman

    27/08/2012 Duration: 02h06min

    Hot diggity dog. Henry Dittman tore through these 2 hours like it was nothin’. We started with a simple discussion of Hollywood construction projects, moved into discussions about Anime and Japanese Horror films, a discussion of Seppuku, some fascinating Japanese culture discussions, and check in with the weirdest news items of the week : sleeping beauty art exhibits, the “Face-Kini”, tinhatting love conspiracies, and ohh so much more. Good luck finding more than a half-second of silence in this episode. It’ll eat your face.

  • 075 : Abbey Londer

    075 : Abbey Londer

    21/08/2012 Duration: 02h14min

    Abbey Londer brought the heat with this episode! We walk through her overwhelming task of creating and curating the upcoming Riot LA Comedy Festival, some of the comedians performing, what to expect, and a whole lot more. We move on to discussing the ins and outs of the comedy scene and LA. The show caps off with a discussion about crazy people, one night stands, and everyone psychoanalyzes Mitcz for some reason.

  • 074 : Eddie Pence

    074 : Eddie Pence

    13/08/2012 Duration: 02h03min

    It’s all bacon and puppies on this episode with guest Eddie Pence. We get deep into the game of Hollywood, comic books, the upcoming Bill & Ted’s 3 being greenlit, Arsenio Hall announces a late night comeback, we play a game of “Steak House or Gay Bar?” and ohh so much more. Enjoy!

  • 073 : Riff of the Union

    073 : Riff of the Union

    06/08/2012 Duration: 01h17min

    There was a scheduling mishap, and we were without a guest. But, we’d rather light a candle than curse the darkness. So, we FINALLY got around to our annual “Riff of the Union” and get deep into the game. Moreover, Mitcz discusses the upcoming Riffopolis network and Teddy’s new political show. It’s a shorter show, but plenty of riffs per minute to tide you over until next week.

  • 072 : Cody Kopp

    072 : Cody Kopp

    30/07/2012 Duration: 02h50s

    Much ado about Phoenix in this episode, when Cody Kopp reveals he has a geographic similarity to Mitcz. We also discuss TMZ and celebrity culture, “the biz”, Hollywood, and much more. We also get into the culture of Arizona, and why Sheriff Joe Arpaio still sucks.

  • 071 : David Futernick

    071 : David Futernick

    23/07/2012 Duration: 01h58min

    David Futernick, known mostly for his pieces, riffs on through with us about his upbringing, what got him in with the CollegeHumor crew, Mitcz gives a brief history of viral sensations pre-youtube era, we talk about the future of internet content, and we bust into some news. Poor Fred Willard. This is some damn fine riffin’, kids.

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