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HOME Podcast with Laura McKowen and Holly Whitaker takes up the big questions of life through the lens of addiction recovery. Each week, we explore a new discussion about our hearts, relationships, life, love and the universe at large.Intro and outro music by Radiation City.


  • Episode 79: Aidan Donnelley Rowley

    22/02/2017 Duration: 01h41min

    This week, the girls talk to their friend and novelist, Aidan Donnelley Rowley. Aidan is an NYC-based mama of three, who quit her job as a lawyer in her 20's and decided to pursue writing. In 2011, Aidan started bravely questioning her relationship with alcohol on her blog, Ivy League Insecurities, where she documented "A Year Without Wine." She talks to the girls about this, and the winding path that ultimately led her to choose sobriety last year, as well as family, grief, writing, anxiety and the importance of following your heart, even when you're unsure where the path will lead.

  • Episode 78: Melissa Febos

    15/02/2017 Duration: 01h51min

    Melissa Febos is the author of the memoir, Whip Smart, about her life as a professional dominatrix, and the essay collection, Abandon Me, coming out February 28th. In this episode, she talks to the girls about the subjects she so eloquently covers (read: both Holly and Laura's minds were both totally blown on this book) in Abandon Me: obsessive love, addiction, mental illness and recovery from all of it. Melissa's award-winning work has been published in the New York Times, Salon, The Kenyon Review, among many others. She's the Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Monmouth University and MFA faculty at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA). She serves on the Board of Directors for VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, and co-curated the Manhattan reading and music series, Mixer, for nine years. More about Melissa and her work at www.melissafebos.com.

  • Episode 77: Hero's Journey

    08/02/2017 Duration: 01h44min

    The hero's journey was introduced by Joseph Campbell, and is the common template of a broad category of tales that involve a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed. In this week's episode, the girls talk about a few of the key moments they knew they were on a hero's journey.

  • Episode 76: Is This Thing On?

    01/02/2017 Duration: 01h09min

    Since there's not much else going on in the world, the girls do a check-in this week on the big four: work, love, home and sobriety. Vagina is only mentioned once. Men may be mentioned a couple times. God bless us all.

  • Episode 75: Azita Nahai

    25/01/2017 Duration: 01h54min

    This week, the girls talk to Dr. Azita Nahai, a Kundalini Yogi, scholar, speaker and therapist. She is the founder of Trauma to Dharma™ ~ an experiential methodology that integrates a mind, body, spirit approach to healing trauma and transforming one’s pain into purpose. Azita walks the girls through the abusive relationship in her 20's that led her to seek recovery, and ultimately find her life's work. www.azitanahai.com

  • Episode 74: Isabel Foxen Duke

    18/01/2017 Duration: 01h52min

    We're talking about food again! This week, the girls talk to Isabel Foxen Duke, a fixture, and leader in the body-positive movement and creator of Stop Fighting Food, a training program for women who want to "stop feeling crazy around food." After years of trying to overcome emotional eating, binge eating and chronic weight-cycling, Isabel discovered some radical new ways to overcome "food issues" once and for all. She shares her story and talks about how she now leads women to shift their mindset around food and challenge the dominant diet culture as a whole. Isabel's writing and free guide, How To Not Eat Cake, can be found atwww.isabelfoxenduke.com and you can watch her free video training series at www.stopfightingfood.com.

  • Episode 73: Hell Is Other People

    11/01/2017 Duration: 02h05min

    "Hell is other people" -Jean-Paul Sartre. In this episode, Laura and Holly talk straight about one of the hardest parts about getting sober: other people. They walk through the most challenging, frustrating and downright confusing reactions, interactions, and conversations they had as they were trying to get sober and stay that way.

  • Episode 72: Sarah Roberts & Sugar

    05/01/2017 Duration: 01h59min

    This week, the girls talk to Sarah Roberts, author of The 28 Day Kick The Sugar Challenge and author of the popular blog, SarahTalksFood.com. Laura, Holly and their right-hand woman on HOME, Megan, all did the Challenge and they talk to Sarah about their different experiences. Sarah shares her story of addiction and recovery and how she was led to her current work, which is to help people see the powerful connection between what they eat and how they feel.

  • Episode 71: HoLo's New Year's Revolutions

    28/12/2016 Duration: 01h08min

    In the last episode of 2016, Holly and Laura talk about New Year's Eve past and present--what they used to look like, and what they look like nowadays. They talk about the idea of setting resolutions, and why they don't do it, but instead share the core themes they're focusing on in 2017. We're talkin' 'bout a revolution... Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you for making this a big, exciting year. Onward!

  • Episode 70: Lara Frazier & Love Addiction

    21/12/2016 Duration: 01h22min

    In this episode, Holly and Laura revisit sex (and love) addiction with their dear friend, Lara Frazier. While Lara was in treatment for chemical addiction, she was labeled a "love addict" and a "sex addict" and told she needed to seek treatment for both. She shares her story leading up to and through recovery.

  • Episode 69: Megg Watterson

    07/12/2016 Duration: 56min

    Megg Watterson returns to HOME for one of the most riveting conversations to date (at least, in our opinion). Holly explains her own resistance to Megg's work and having her on the show initially, and her evolution with that, which was integral to some of her most profound breakthroughs. Megg talks about this resistance in a broader perspective in our society, and what the rise of the divine feminine really means at this point in time.

  • Episode 68: Dawn Nickel, She Recovers

    30/11/2016 Duration: 01h04min

    It's Dawn! In this week's episode, the girls talk to the true mama bear of the recovery world and half of She Recovers, one of the largest women's online recovery communities in existence today. Dawn is in long-terms substance recovery (from all of 'em, as she says) but she also faced another bottom with workaholism that brought her to an equally dark, if not darker place. She talks to the girls about what that looked like, battling cancer, and her view on recovery decades in.

  • Episode 67: Thanks-Election-Giving

    23/11/2016 Duration: 01h20min

    It's been a hell of a couple weeks, huh? The girls talk about their experience of the election, the days since, and what they're doing to keep sane and move forward. They also talk a little about Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving!) and how to survive it sober.

  • Episode 66: Kelly Brogan

    16/11/2016 Duration: 44min

    In this episode, the girls talk to Kelly Brogan, M.D. Kelly is a Manhattan-based holistic women’s health psychiatrist, author of the NY Times Bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own, and co-editor of the landmark textbook, Integrative Therapies for Depression. She is on the forefront of an alternative-care movement to inform patients that the medical industry, government, food companies, and the pharmaceutical industry do not have our best health interests at heart. As she says, "I’m here to tell you that you have choices and the power to change your life. You can get healthy and live happy – without drugs." They talk about how Kelly came around to her viewpoint, whether or not there are any cases where people should be taking pharma-pharmaceutical drugs, or even OTC drugs, safe tapering, co-morbidity with addiction and mental illness, and more. For more information, go to www.kellybroganmd.com.

  • Episode 65: HoLo Take A Spin

    09/11/2016 Duration: 01h24min

    It's time for a catch-up! Holly and Laura (HoLo) do a check-in about the usual four: work, love, home and sobriety. Topics include nesting, Holly's work revelation, book deadlines, animal totems, and 'Snooch!'

  • Episode 64: Enjoli Virus

    03/11/2016 Duration: 01h33min

    The girls talk to Kristi Coulter, the force behind the mega-viral Medium article published earlier this year titled "Enjoli." Kristi talks about drinking, sobriety, writing, not writing, feminism, and what happens when you're suddenly in the public eye and TIME is writing response pieces to your work. Kristi's essay collection, Want Not, will be published in early 2018 by Farrar, Straus & Giroux. More about her at www.kristicoulter.com.

  • Episode 63: Teachers

    26/10/2016 Duration: 01h27min

    The girls share who their biggest teachers have been, what they learned from them, and what "the way in" is to each one. Meaning, if you're new to the teacher's teachings, the "way in" is the "start here." Each of them share eight of their favorite teachers and then rattle off a bunch more. NOTE: The episode image is from one of Liz Gilbert's facebook posts. Her hand, full disclosure.

  • Episode 62: The Craving Brain

    19/10/2016 Duration: 01h51min

    In this episode, the girls talk to Jolene Park, a functional nutritionist, and an expert in the craving brain. They talk about the intricate connections between anxiety, depression, trauma, nutrition, addiction, relationships and more. Jolene is a goldmine of experience and resources, and she's got a compelling personal story to back it up. What's more, Jolene's personal story is common, but not often heard: successful woman approaching middle-age comes to terms with closing the window on her idealized image of a family and marriage, and, in the process, develops an unhealthy but 'high-bottom' relationship with alcohol. In the discussion, she bravely shares her story for the first time in a public way. Jolene is the Founder of Healthy Discoveries, where she coaches companies and individuals develop a more complete view of well-being. More about Jolene and Health Discoveries here: http://www.healthydiscoveries.com

  • Episode 61: Uncool

    12/10/2016 Duration: 01h27min

    A common belief our society has about sobriety is that it's boring, sad, and ultimately...uncool. The girls address this from their own perspectives, including what their beliefs about sobriety were before they stopped drinking, how and when that perception shifted, and how they feel about it now. Although the episode is titled "uncool" it's about so much more. It's about how to navigate doing something that society doesn't largely support, how to deal with breaking tribal expectations and norms, and how to navigate the period of groundlessness that inevitably occurs when we begin living for ourselves.

  • Episode 60: Mark Manson

    05/10/2016 Duration: 01h03min

    It's Mark Manson! The guy who singlehandedly simplified 90% of relationships with The Law of Fuck Yes or No, and author of just-released NYT bestseller "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" joins HOME. He talks to the girls about the years of travel, searching, and relationships that informed some of his most popular writing, growing up (sort of), and the reasons he wrote his new book. More about Mark and all his articles + books here: www.markmanson.com.

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