Whether you're already a member of the Comrades Green Number Club or you're just buying your first pair of shoes, the World of Endurance running podcast is full of advice and information about the sport you love. Presented by passionate runner and veteran sports commentator, Arnold Geerdts, the podcast looks at all aspects of running - training, nutrition, fitness, motivation, kit and more - to help you become the best runner you can be.


  • A runner's Christmas wish list with Kim Stephens

    30/11/2016 Duration: 10min
  • Doing UTCT 100km in aid of Red Cross

    28/11/2016 Duration: 11min
  • A ButtaNutt sachet – a perfect running companion

    25/11/2016 Duration: 10min
  • Heart attack was not the end for Phillipa Humphreys

    23/11/2016 Duration: 11min
  • The spirit of Comrades continues to shine

    21/11/2016 Duration: 09min
  • Ryan Sandes becomes a Dad (how does it change things?)

    18/11/2016 Duration: 14min
  • Fourth times a charm for Andrew Erasmus at Sky Run

    16/11/2016 Duration: 08min
  • It’s time to race the Tough One

    14/11/2016 Duration: 15min
  • If you though Kane was good; meet Maxine Reilly

    11/11/2016 Duration: 12min
  • Robyn Owen slays the Otter

    09/11/2016 Duration: 11min
  • Back to back Otter record runs for Marc Lauenstein

    07/11/2016 Duration: 10min
  • Soweto Marathon nutritional dos and don’ts

    04/11/2016 Duration: 11min
  • Molebatsi is ready to rock her debut Soweto Marathon

    02/11/2016 Duration: 09min
  • How we can all do our bit to help others

    31/10/2016 Duration: 17min
  • Maphuti Phaka was Born2Run

    28/10/2016 Duration: 07min
  • The new OMTOM half marathon ballot entry system

    26/10/2016 Duration: 14min
  • Adventure is out there, use your running fitness to grab it

    24/10/2016 Duration: 15min
  • Running is imperative for fitness addict Deborah Ward Fritz

    21/10/2016 Duration: 11min
  • How Akhona Mdaka is making the most of Endurocad support

    19/10/2016 Duration: 10min
  • How early diagnosis can save your running

    17/10/2016 Duration: 12min
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