A Journey Before Dawn

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New powers, new hotties, new mysteries. Can I handle the heat?

I've stepped onto an alien world to surrender myself to my nemesis. But my captor isn't what he seems. Becoming his prisoner is the only way to save a friend and get closer to my precious fae babies—my faebies. I don't plan on staying in captivity for long, though, because Faith and Abel need me.

The history books lied about the Unseelie Court. Strange things are afoot. War is brewing close to the surface. I might even be able to stop it . . . or start it, depending on my actions.

Needless to say, my third term at Briarwitch Academy is a doozy right out of the gates. I miss my guys and my friends, and I'll never take their love or friendship for granted again. Now when I need my sexy shifter boys to help me more than ever, they aren't here. I'm all alone . . . or am I?


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