A Dream Before Dawn

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The academy intrigue, supernatural sexiness, and dark mysteries just keep coming . . . and so do I.

Going into Briarwitch Academy, I wasn't a big fan of supernaturals. But I learned to appreciate something: Other than their magic and unreasonable attractiveness (seriously, it's not fair), they're not so different than humans. There are good ones and bad ones.

Currently, I have a bad one locked away. I'm eager—maybe too eager—to pry some answers out of him. I need to know where my babies were taken. I need to know who's killing people on campus. I need to know who's involved in the shady plots surrounding Briarwitch like a fog.

In finding those answers, I hope to learn more about my own powers and history—maybe more than I ever wanted to know! And now that things are personal, I plan to break open these secrets like a bottle of bubbly . . . with or without my sexy shifter guys (but hopefully with).


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