Heroes Popes in Hard Times

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All our Popes are Heroes.  But Bob and Penny Lord have chosen special Popes who have done battle for the Church against the powers of Hell. Sometimes they were victorious; sometimes they received their reward in Heaven. 

We want to share some of the Popes and their struggles to save the Church and the world.


Pope Gregory the Great – One of only two Popes declared Great - Doctor of the Church 


Pope Pius VII – Did battle with Napoleon Bonaparte


Blessed Pope Pius IX

Fought against the Unification of Italy- Became a pope in exile in the Vatican


Pope Leo XIII – Called the Great Diplomat

Fought to bring about peace with the countries of Europe.


Pope St. Pius X - Called the Pope of the Eucharist

Promoted frequent Communion and changed the age of reason to 7 years old 


Pope Benedict XV – Unsung Hero of World War I

Pleaded with warring powers for peace – Tried to create a moratorium at Christmas time



Pope Pius XI – Fought against Mussolini, Hitler and the rising Japanese Empire

Tried to bring back part of Papal States taken away by the Italians.

Fought against Nazi hostility towards Christianity 



Pope Pius XII – Victim of the Second World War

Was ordained Pope five months before Hitler invaded Poland



Pope John Paul II – Called by many Pope John Paul the Great

Brought about the end of the Soviet Union