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Some of you moms can relate to this or may have to alter it a bit if you are a single mom or if your hubby helps out a bit more or bit less (or causing you to check after him creating double the work). However much help he gives, it still feels like you are doing the bulk of the work. Women use to complain about having to do so much and not having enough time or help to get it all done, however, part of having "it all" is balance, and making sure it all gets done. We have decided to stop complaining, because complaining does not get the job done, in fact, you can continue to become more frustrated and maybe even overwhelmed. We have decided to just do it. But now your husband is looking at you as if you are a mad woman because you have neglected a few things in the process, yourself. You are now looking worn and torn and completely tired. But you tell yourself you are fine and keep pushing because it is all getting done, but at what expense?