First Timers 12-pack : Books 13 - 24 (virgin Erotica Rough Sex Erotica Audiobook Collection)

  • Author: Kimmy Welsh
  • Narrator: Sierra Kline
  • Publisher: Author's Republic
  • Duration: 6:34:14
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The 'First Timers 12-Pack,' features audiobooks 13 – 24 of the racy series that sees these sinful women taken for the first time by their big, commanding alpha-males. The men in this bundle aren't interested in finishing anywhere else, giving their age-gap counterparts a taste of exactly what it's like to get it for real.
Stories include : 'My Boss's Balloon Popped On My Face,' 'I Matched My Professor But It's My First Time,' 'Good Vibrations,' 'The Dean Is Going To Punish Me,' ‘Taking His Thickness On The Construction Site,' 'Banged At The Back Of The Bus,' 'First-Time Sex In The War-Bunker,' 'Sparring With My Trainer’s Length,' ‘One-In-Hole,' ‘Pool-Shark’s First Time,' ‘Speed-Dating My Landlord,' & 'Mouth-to-Mouth.'
**Total Running Time 6 hours 31 Minutes**