How To Stop Procrastinating: 2 Audiobooks In 1 - Learn How To Stop Procrastination And Laziness, Overcome Negativity, Stop Overthinking, And Increase Your Productivity

  • Author: Gerard Graves
  • Narrator: Kenzy S. Taha
  • Publisher: Author's Republic
  • Duration: 7:54:54
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Procrastination can lock you in a virtual cage that may make it impossible for you to move forward in life.
Now is time to be free!
Whether you’ve been silently desiring to stop thinking about the past or future, slow down and even get a good night’s sleep, or you’ve been trying to overcome issues like overthinking, negative thinking, procrastination, confidence, and self-esteem, this audiobook is here for you!
Even if you feel your situation is helpless and hopeless, this audiobook will give you the much-needed hope and hold you by the hand until procrastination is no longer a problem you struggle with.
More precisely, the audiobook will teach you:
• The basics of procrastination, overthinking and negative thoughts
• The link between overthinking and procrastination and how this affects your life
• How to become productive to boost your confidence
• 7 ways to overcome the negative body image
• The psychology of procrastination
• How to deal with your insecurities and stop obsessing about dealing with the problems that may come in future
• How to effectively overcome your psychological complex in 6 simple steps
• Powerful strategies that you can use to fight stress and depression that may come with negative thinking
• How to improve your self-esteem, which had been damaged by excessive negative thinking and procrastination
• And much more!


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