First Timers 4-pack : Books 21 - 24 (first Time Erotica Rough Sex Erotica Age Gap Erotica)

  • Author: Kimmy Welsh
  • Narrator: Sierra Kline
  • Publisher: Author's Republic
  • Duration: 2:13:42
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The 'First Timers 4-Pack,' features audiobooks 21-24 of the racy series that sees these sinful women taken for the first time by their big, commanding alpha-males. The men in this bundle aren't interested in finishing anywhere else, giving their age-gap counterparts a taste of exactly what it's like to get it for real.
Stories include: ‘One-In-Hole,' ‘Pool-Shark’s First Time,' ‘Speed-Dating My Landlord,' & 'Mouth-to-Mouth.'
**Total Running Time = 2 Hours 12 Minutes**