Tiger and the Robot AI Detective Searches for Kidnapped Billionaire

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She lives in the cloud, and travels in a phone. She’s Saga, A.I. Detective.

The exciting action of the Swiftsure Yacht race launches an adventure which ranges from the urban landscape of Vancouver to the wild islands of Alaska. Chandler Gray, a sailor and software developer has created Saga, a sassy Artificial Intelligence app which emulates the powers of fiction’s greatest detectives. A chance encounter with the wealthy, glamorous Gina Lee, leads to an invitation to sail on her yacht in the Swiftsure. When Gina is kidnapped, Saga falsely claims Chan is a Private Investigator, and he takes on the rescue.Sometimes bumbling, but always determined, Chan and Saga adventure on. With a band of friends providing support, and sometimes derision, Chan doggedly pursues the truth, no matter where it leads.The quest leads to piracy in the Aleutians, a Land Rover attacked in the backwoods of Vancouver Island, and a lover’s betrayal. Saga’s remarkable abilities don’t always lead in the right direction, and her sassy attitude sometimes annoys Chan, but the result is both funny and dramatic.


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