Feeling Lucky

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"Most most people who spend time at a job develop ideas of how they can improve a product or business. They just don't always get a chance to share. And that's not counting the thousands of unpublished artists, writers, and musicians out there..." 

What would you do if you suddenly got 5 million dollars to spend on your dreams? What it if was a leprechaun's money?

Megan O'Malley was mortified when she got drunk and pinched the bandleader's ass at a cousin's wedding. But she was astonished when he turned out to be a leprechaun! Seems they're not the little, green men of fairytales after all. They just say that because they like a good joke and what better way to hide the gold? Oh, that bit's true - as is the part about not sharing!

An award-winning fantasy about money and magic and making the most of your dreams!

EPIC 2015 eBook Awards Finalist – Fantasy Romance

2014 National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award

Chanticleer Chatelaine 2014 Finalist

Newly revised and updated 2019

"Now I want to go around pinching short men's butts hoping to catch me a leprechaun." - Dark Side of Romance

"I really did like the book, and I loved the world that the authorcreated in her book. I could see a series here, and I would read more." - Julie B., The Reading Cafe

"readers will walk away 'feeling lucky' to have read this magical tale!" - Leslie S., InD'Tale

"a fun story and so unlike anything I could have imagined." - Claudia, Larissa's Bookish Life

"a cute story... The whole cast of characters sound out of the ordinaryand absolutely crazy. Which if you know families....they are...even if they aren't magical.." - Angela, ifeeltheneedtheneedtoread


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