Crossroads Summer A Regina Livingston Novella

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It was supposed to be the best summer of her life…

… until it wasn't.

Why did he have to rip the blinders of blissful ignorance off her eyes?

Regina and her friends had it all planned. Lazy days lounging at the beach, long nights partying. Their grand last summer vacation before graduating college.

When she catches up with an old friend, he tells her things she can't believe. But there are signs around her… Did the government war mongers really do what he's accusing them of?

Her natural curiosity gets the upper hand, and Regina starts digging. What she finds is unsettling. Deep down inside of her, an urge is forming. It's bound to change her world forever.

Where 'An Officer and a Gentleman' meets 'To Hell and Back' in the Florida summer heat, she finds her calling…

You'll adore this coming of age story, because everyone enjoys a tale of love and heartbreak with a good helping of honor, courage and commitment.

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