Mini Horror Fiction Writing Guide 7 Steps To Writing Horror Fiction For Fun

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Have you ever wanted to write a horror story, but didn’t know how to start or proceed? In this easy, step-by-step guide, HowExpert presents Randal Schaffer: a horror fiction writer, enthusiast, and fan who will walk you through the process of not only writing a compelling horror story, but writing fiction stories in general. In this book, you’ll learn:-How to pick a topic for your book that will bring your readers along until the very end.

-How to choose a setting for your book that your readers can understand and mentally insert themselves into.

-How to write characters that your readers will care about, and either root for or against.

-How to build suspense in order to create that perfect “page-turner” that all writers seek.

-How to use gore in such a way that you’ll make your readers squirm, but not be so disgusted that they put the book down.

-General tips on writing, such as keeping the story believable within the universe that you’re creating, and editing out anything that doesn’t serve the story.

-How to wrap your story up in a satisfying way that will make readers seek you out again to read more from you.

About the Expert

Randal Schaffer’s tastes were turned in the direction of horror with the first film that he saw at the age of four, The Pit and the Pendulum with Vincent Price. The first story that he “wrote” using comic-strip style panels was about a mad scientist who creates a giant moth-man who then bit his head off. As an early reader, Randal began devouring H. P. Lovecraft and E. A. Poe in grade school, moving on to Stephen King and Clive Barker. He is writing his own series called “Shivers: Tales of Erotic Nightmare”. The first of these, Going All the Way is currently on Amazon, to be followed soon by book 2, Lady Frankenstein’s Lover.

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