Hook, Line, and Murder A Witches of Keyhole Lake Cozy Mystery

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Moonlight, a handsome man, and … a dead body? Definitely not what Noelle expected when she cast off with Hunter to do a little romantic night fishing.

The identity of the murdered girl is a mystery, and the only clue they have is a ring she was wearing on a chain around her neck. The case runs out of control as politicians' names start popping up, and Hunter has to wonder if a cover-up is afoot.

Meanwhile, the living-impaired community pulls together to help a lost ghost remember who she is, and the talking donkey has a secret he refuses to share.

Something’s fishy in Keyhole, and Noelle and crew are determined to find out what. Join the Keyhole crew for another magical adventure full of southern sass, mystery, and laugh-out-loud good times!


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