Junkyard Druid A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel

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A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel From M.D. Massey

Every druid knows...

Dealing with the Fae is a death sentence.

So why am I risking my life to help an evil Faery Queen?

A year ago I swore off druidry, and for good reason.

Now I spend my days behind six acres of scrap iron, steel, and magic wards, where the fae can’t bother me.

But when a Faery Queen with god-like magical powers calls, you don’t send her to voicemail.

Now I have no choice but to find out why evil incarnate has requested my presence.

One thing’s for sure…

If I get dragged back into the supernatural world, there’s gonna be hell to pay for it.

You’ll love this urban fantasy with a twist of suspense, because everybody loves a down on his luck magician who has to fight to save the people he loves.

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