Highly Sensitive Person Workbook to Survive in an Overstimulating World

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The best guide for the highly sensitive person.

Sensitivity isn’t always appreciated in a harsh, cold world with fast-paced relationships and quick contacts. On top of that, a highly sensitive person can be stuck with some exceptional problems and personal challenges other "regular" people don’t have. But to be a highly sensitive person is unique and beneficial in a lot of ways; the most important thing is how we deal with it. Different isn’t necessarily worse. Different means focusing on other areas and talents. Highly sensitive people are born with a special neurological system, which causes more awareness and makes detailed observations easier. Overstimulation is often a blessing and a curse. In this audiobook, subtopics include but are not limited to:

  • Where high sensitivity originates from and what causes it
  • Traits and characteristics of highly sensitive people
  • Hidden talents that should be used, not discouraged
  • Sensitivity in children
  • The major benefits of being highly sensitive and having the ability to notice details
  • Ways to deal with sensitivity for less stress and anxiety, and more peace of mind
  • Being highly sensitive in relationships, at work, or as a healer
  • How the law of attraction relates to high sensitivity and how you can make it work for you
  • Medicine, symptoms, herbs, success tips, and self-help anecdotes for highly sensitive people

Discover more about the qualities and challenges of a highly sensitive person so you can develop your skills and your spiritual well-being in the best way possible and benefit from your unique abilities.


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