Ants and Elephants

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Ants and Elephants is a story about a 12-year-old-boy named Wil who is bullied by Big Mike. Wil admits to being afraid of Big Mike, who has threatened to stomp him! The guy is twice Wil's size and has buddies only too willing to help him beat Wil to a pulp.

Chloey, Wil's girlfriend, will not allow him to be intimidiated. This savvy young lady teaches WIl pyschological techniques that will hopefully help Wil stand up to his enemy. Meanwhile Wil builds a treehouse and moves into it, skipping school and hiding out until he's masterd the art of showing Big Mike who's boss. Chloey tells his teacher Wil has tonsilitis and brings his schoolwork along with food to the treehouse.

Wil becomes the town hero when he rescues the old proprietor from a burning building. With his esteem at an all-time high, Wil returns to school. When Big Mike walks up to him in the caferteria, Wil doesn't blink. He tells Big Mike off without raising his voice, leaving the bully in a dazed stupor.