Exploring Your Interior Castle Teresa of Avila and the 7-Stage Journey to God

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Walk with Teresa of Avila through her most profound mystical work: The Interior Castle.

Despite her lack of formal education, Teresa of Avila became an inspirational mystic, an influential reformer, and the first female Doctor of the Church. Today, her spiritual works are widely acclaimed as timeless masterpieces.

Now, guided by Carmelite spirituality expert Dr. Keith Egan, you will explore St. Teresa’s most beloved work, The Interior Castle. As you move through the "dwelling places" of the castle—self-knowledge, the prayer of recollection, and the Paschal Mystery—you will achieve greater peace and a more contemplative understanding of prayer. Each chamber of the castle will bring you closer to God.

In this classic of Christian literature, St. Teresa will bring you on a journey towards the ineffable divinity of God.

The Interior Castle has been cherished by Christians and non-Christians alike for centuries. Teresa of Avila is a woman with timeless wisdom, a wisdom that is especially apt for spiritual seekers of this new millennium. Walk through the castle with her today.

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