5-Ingredient Cookbook Easy and Delicious Recipes for A Healthy Keto Diet. Electric Pressure and Slow Cooker Meal Preps Included to Make Fat Loss Simple and Fun

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Are you wondering why you can't lose weight?

Have you tried many diets but never got the results you want?

Are you looking for a audio-cookbook with dozens of delicious dishes that at the same time allow you to keep your body weight under control?

A ketogenic diet is distinctive from all the other health-oriented diets for several reasons. Firstly, it fully restricts the consumption of carbohydrates in the diet. It points out carbs as enemies of good health and active metabolism. Not only it restricts the intake but also set a standard formula to limit the number of carbohydrates taken per meal. The diet is not only restrictive in essence, but also suggestive. It promotes the use of good quality fats in food products. If it restricts carbs for one reason, it provides a rather healthy alternative. 

The ketogenic diet works progressively to reveal its results and effects on human health. It does not restrict the overall consumption of food and its amount per meal, but it focuses on the prohibition of certain macronutrients like carbohydrates. Ketogenic diet prescribes several alternatives to high carb food. Due to excess research in this field and increased demand, the food industry has been able to produce keto friendly products. 

Ingredients for keto foods are easy to find, they are only 5 or less, and the recipes are easy to make. 

You don't have to stress yourself any longer, all in the name of losing weight. The awesome part of all these is that keto friendly diets are tasteful to the taste buds. You don't have to sacrifice your love for sweet things on the altar of eating healthily.

Find out how easy it is to prepare delicious dishes with this audio-cookbook in just 30 minutes.

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