Emotional Eating A Step-By-Step Guide to Stop Overeating. Nourish a Healthy Relationship with Food Through Meditation. A Proven Workbook Included to Plan and Win Your Battle Against Binge Eating

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If you are anything like most people, you didn’t have a class in “how to deal with difficult emotions” when you were in grade school, a time in which such a thing could have been really useful.

If you had, it might have kept you from developing less-than-helpful habits such as eating, drinking, shopping, fighting, blaming, and other destructive tendencies designed to avoid and deny your feelings. Even if you didn’t learn healthy ways of dealing with your feelings when you were young, it is never too late to bring compassion and understanding to your world of emotions. It is never too late to realize that all emotions are mentionable and manageable, and I’d like to add natural.

It’s helpful to understand that for at least half of your life you will feel a little to a lot of physical or emotional discomfort. It is not your birthright to have only pleasant experiences, so maintaining that position is only going to set you up to feel even worse. The only way to fully experience the joy in your life is to go through the work of feeling the pain.

In this audiobook you will find:

  • What is Emotional Eating?
  • Symptoms of Binge Eating
  • Diets and Their Bad Sides
  • Finding the Right Food Balance
  • Types of Eating Disorders
  • Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder
  • How to Ensure the Eating Disorder Never Comes Back
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • And More

If you want to learn how to distinguish between emotional hunger and true hunger, all you have to do is start browsing through this audiobook which, in depth, will guide you from understanding the fundamental concepts to solving the problem.

And it certainly can be a good opportunity to explore your inner journey and find out if emotional eating is really your problem and how to overcome it.

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